“All appointments to be merit based”, Wazir Baig

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Gilgit, November 8: Interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan, Wazir Baig, has said that all appointments on the 2400 announced vacant positions will be made on merit and only the deserving candidates will be able to get the jobs. He was talking to a delegation of the Peoples Graduate Forum.

The governor also blamed the local and non-local bureaucrats for making illegal appointments in all departments. He said that regional development would not

Wazir Baig, Interim Governor of Gilgit - Baltistan

be possible if meritocracy is not ensured in provision of jobs and contracts.

Governor Baig also said that despite of meager financial resources the government was trying to provide relief to the disaster affected parts of Gilgit – Baltistan. “We do not have enough resources to run the government”, he said. Baig also said that the low-income people would not be affected by any taxation regime that might be implemented in the region. “Only multinational companies will be brought under the tax net”, the interim governor said.

The present government has been silent about the Kohistan Development Tax which the government of Khyber – Pukhtunkhwa charges at the border town of Sost. It is believed that transfer of the tax amount collected through KDT to the GB government can boost the financial status of the government by making sufficient funds available.

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  1. Nobody can trust that the expected 2400 posts would be filled on merit basis. As the so-called tests and interviews would be taken under GB administration, where there is no possiblity of free and fair appointments. It is quite evident that in GB either the posts are filled internally and destinely or an ostensible advertisements is announced foolwed by apparent test and interviews. But thes heve already been filled. Nepotism and party affiliation will be on top followed by territory, sect, language etc. The educated and compitent people of GB deem it wise that the upper level tests and interviews should be under FPSC or such other department of Federal Capital. Although some people extend their links here too but to some extent there is a chance of fair appointments.

    The recent stament given by Provincial Minister GB Mr. M Ali Akhtar in GBLA is enough more to open our eyes that All nominations in Governor Secreteriate are illegal and illegitimate. 90 posts were filled without any advertisement and any proclaime. “A mafia is active in illegal appointments in government departments.” he further added. He insisted that the Acting Governor should be obliterated and cancelled spontaneously otherwise his ministry will take strict steps against these malafide appointments. Similar words were raised by Mr. Mirza Hussain and Mr. Janbaz khan, who said that in Governor secreteriate a single person has appointed the candidates from a particular area. They also commented that merit has been totally eradicated and ignored in GB, thats why the law and order situation in GB is worsen.

    The pith and narrow of quoting the comments of above mentioned bigwigs is to highlight and expose the overall situation of existing judicious appointment system in GB. Being dwellers of same region we must come forward and raise voice against such cruelties and evil deeds which are beyond endurance for us.

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