[Political Satire] Silent you Ghaddar!!

Courtesy: NREW Media Production

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  1. The Chinese say that a picture is worth thousand words, and this cartoon very beautifully captures the state of political posturing of the people of hunza. While one segment of the society which is ignorant of the nature of our subjugation by pakistani authorities is so unquestionably loyal to the state that even members of the establishment and die-hard pakistani generals are not that much committed. The other segment is careless and they don’t show any concern at all. Between these two extremes we have got socially consitious and politically aware young generation and I think this is reason enough to be hopeful for our future.
    In the cartoon above the goat that says ghaddar should have been on the other side, and the one that talks about the impending threat should have been near the water. By and large this is an excellent effort but this kind of work can be certainly improved and I think we should encourage more of this kind of work, which would also widen the spectrum of our political education.

  2. Great effort, Keep it Up NREW Productions,We love to see more from our Cartoonists, This is a slow but a sign of Change,

  3. very nice that shows evry creation of God has understood the situation of the lake but not the famous ones guess who ?

  4. Nisar me teri galiyoon ke aye watan ke jahan
    Chali rasm ke koi na sar utha ke chalay
    Jo koi chahnay wala tawaf ko niklay
    Nazer chura kay chalay jism-o-jan bacha kay chalay

  5. Qыr x̌aker da ɣ̌aṣ̌ yupk wost
    Ne x̌ater pыzыv kafak………..
    ……………hy zalim samaj………

  6. this is a great concept for the people of hunza Gojal if they undertstand. Come out and don’t perform like the silent one. All the people of Gojal are knows all those evils who are ………………………

    i like Rehan shah who is fighting for people . he is really our hero and one day he will become the leader of Hunza Gojal and we will support him.

  7. Write Urdu in URDU
    نثار تیری گلیوں پے اے وطن کہ جہاں
    چلی رسم کہ کوئی نا سر اُٹھا کے چلے
    جو کوئی چاہنے والا طواف کو نکلے
    نظر چُرا کے چلے جسم و جاں بچا کے چلے

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