Mob violence in Ghwari, Ghanche

Mother and Son beaten by 10 people, Grand Mother passes away due to shock

Monitoring Desk

Islamabad, November 29: Daily Badd-e-Shimal has reported an incident of mob-violence in which a group of ten people, including two women, have severely beaten a 17 year old boy and his mother. According to the report the 17 year old boy and his mother fell unconscious due to severe beating while his grand mother, reportedly, passed away due to the trauma.

The incident has reportedly taken place at Ghwari Village of Ghanche District, in Baltistan.

The 17 year old boy has been accused of sexually abusing a 5-year old child. However, the police have, reportedly, negated the allegation.

Cases have been registered against 9 people while one woman has reportedly been able to obtain bail-before-arrest.

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