[Pictory] Floods in Ishkoman and Punial

Images: Ali Rehmat Musofir

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  1. This is absolutely terrible and totally outraging ! I mean “officially” there’s no flood in Gilgit-Baltistan for international media. I’ve been watching BBC & Al Jazeera to follow the situation (although not relying exclusively on these two) and, beside broadcasting reports focusing mostly on Swat, the map of floodings which are shown on TV & on their websites does not include Gilgit-Baltsitan as a matter of fact. Since it is not part of Pakistan according to UN rules, then it is not shown on Pakistan maps. It’s like nothing happens there, this is just insane !
    Everyone ! It is your duty to make the world know about floods in Gilgit-Baltistan, otherwise no one else will do ! We must hassle the international news agencies and tell them ! Because Gilgit-Baltistan is disputed territory doesn’t mean that the fate of its people should be ignored, and it is right now !

  2. there are many villages in Ishkoman valley affected by the floods, debris flow and landsliding, the most affected villages as I visited are Hasis, Gich, Singul, Shergila in Ishkoman and Hanzal and Basin in Gilgit. Ghizer road is badly affected by river erosion at several locations will take many days to clear it.

  3. As a sometimes traveller on the KKH and trekker in Hunza; Gilgit; Baltistan area I am grateful for the news on the Pamir Times site and very sad to read of the floods in this area.

    As it states above all news of the floods in our media has been focussed on Swat and its neighbouring districts. Need to spread the word through the many international trekking agencies and raise awareness of this disaster.

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