Gulmit peril

Images: Ali Ahmed

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  1. The area after the bridge between Gulmit and Shishket was very steeper , but crossing the steeper area the coverage of water will expand like a bullet here after till to Passu. Now every second counts for the water to cut the land.

  2. ,Dua”
    ,ALMIGHTY! thy omnipotence and sovereignty thither,in mens favour or testimony…is a blessing..Submission and faith in thy magnificence is our life’s sole believe.ALMIGHTY save us from this trial of agony nd despair.THY magnificent creations of greenery nd magnanimous lofty peaks long and pray to care thy momins safe in thier laps.(Ameen)

  3. @ Gohar
    The upper area of Gulmit-Shishket bridge is steep but quite wide in width, so the water will take enough time to cover it and rise to the level of the settlements of the lower Gulmit(Goez, Mangshi, Laksh), if the the inflow of water from the upstream remains the same.
    Lets hope things will be all right and the authorities will complete the spill way before creating any major jeopardy to our dear village.

    1. Dear Kheryan Asim,
      Ya, Agreed that it is quite wide but how about the level? it can be predict by the rapid water level reached to Suspension bridge Gulmit with in no time. With that summer is coming and the melting of glaciers is on its peak resulting rise in water level.
      Lets hope for better.

  4. please all of u pray for our beautifull valley……….
    May Maula protect our papradise…Ameen

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