Allied Bank in Gilgit yet to align with realities

by Abbas Wafa

Gilgit,  May 10: Allied Bank is creating new confusions about identity of the people of Gilgit – Baltistan by presenting Gilgit as part of Azad Kashmir. Users of the bank’s ATM machine in Gilgit get a receipt for transactions on which the bank presents Gilgit as a city of Azad Kashmir.

It is pertinent to note that the people of GB have struggled hard to regain their snatched identity vis-a-vis “Northern Areas of Pakistan”. The bank’s inability to reflect true identity of the region might be an act of ignorance but some quarter also see it as an ill intentioned move.

Local people have demanded of the GB government to question the bank and get explanation in this regard. They have also demanded that the bank authorities should reflect the true identity of the region and apologize from the people for falsifying their identity.

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  1. nice work noor brother u r highlighting our real issues ……keep it up……

  2. So does Geo TV, when it shows the weather forecast of various cities on a graphic map. Gilgit is shown to be located where Sri-Nagar should be. Many school text books also fail to draw a line between Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Anyway, “by co-incidence”, this bank is located in “Kashorte”.

  3. Don’t ignor, should take necessary action against them who mis-manuplating. Nation of Gilgit-Baltistan having their own identity and imagine how our ancestors fought so far since partition. Before taking a step should look at the back-up history, consider we are never & never part of kashmir.

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