Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

More people detained in Hunza, Aman Committee holds shutter down strike

HSF planning demonstration in Gilgit

PT Report

Aliabad, August 26: Two more people were detained Friday early morning in Hunza Valley, in a series of arrests started after the murder of two protesting IDPs in a brazen act of police terrorism.

A group of protesters staged a shutter-down strike in and around Aliabad town, the major commercial hub of Hunza – Nagar district, to register their condemnation of the police’s high-handedness.

The Home Secretary of GB, Bilal Lodhi, was severely criticized by the protesters for “telling lies”. Lodhi had promised a week earlier that no more people will be arrested till completion of an independent judicial investigation of the incident.

It is pertinent to note that at least 17 people were already arrested in Hunza but none of them have been produced in any court so far.

Meanwhile, Hunza Students Federation (HSF) has announced that they will organize a peaceful protest demonstration in Gilgit against the random arresting of innocent civilians. They have also demanded speedy beginning of the judicial investigation  already ordered by GB Chief Minister and GB Supreme Appellate Court.

2 thoughts on “More people detained in Hunza, Aman Committee holds shutter down strike

  1. how nasty. isnt this going to be stopped. everyone is scarred and silence. Mutabiat shah and Wazir baig should resign immediatly, let the assemabley to be dissolved, things will come in order. this local government intentions are not good for Hunza region, people of Hunza are too weak politically. how they can react it, peace is their religion, they dont want more voilance, should they come on streats again to react it? if yes, then they can do it peacfully, let them come on roads and block the KKH for atleast 10 days untill all the arrests are not freed and the cases are not drawn. people have power they can do it at once. what we have seen in egypt and other parts of the world. if people of Hunza wants a real change and democracy they shuld do it and let they entire region rise up against this depression and make a history.

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