Expansion work restarted on dammed Hunza River spillway

Two workers of the Frontier Works Organization are seen working near spillway of the dammed Hunza River . According to sources the engineers are initially increasing width of the area near the spillway in order to induce errosion towards the right side

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  1. Can somebody enlighten us about the details of the current contract assigned to FWO for enhanced work on the spill-way.

    The volume of manpower and machinery engaged for the task shows no significant activity.

    Is this another wastage of precious funds and time. Is there any body who assesses the previous task and performance of the FWO who have once again awarded the contract?

  2. hhayy tilo jojon… sfrminashtesh beth chiz khu maad niv nikhenden. po qismati kholi ceng gon beth.

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