Oath taking ceremony of Baltit Academic Development Association (BADA) held in Karachi

Oath taking in progress

Rizwan Karim Qalandar

Karachi, April 4: Oath taking ceremony of the cabinet of Baltit Academic Development Association (BADA) was held yesterday at SMS Auditorium, Karimabad, Karachi.

The gathering also served as a family get-together, a day-out with traditional food ‘harisa’ along with a musical program. The thematic day was called “SHURYESH-E-MARAKA”, a Burushaski language phrase meaning the “Aseembly of Love”.

A large number of Karachi based natives of Karimabad-Hunza gathered to witness the Oath taking ceremony and enjoy the food and music. People were delighted to see a fair composition of highly qualified youngsters from all the faculties of education, professions and expertise in the newly appointed cabinet.

The General Secretary of BADA in his welcome speech presented the long and short term objectives of the organization and appealed for he financial support from the people of Baltit all over the world for achievement of those objectives.

The officials of other regional organizations of Hunza-Gilgit were also invited to this event which showed the atmosphere for a cohesive organization among village level institutions and bodies.

It is pertinent to note that BADA is a representative organization of Karimabad – Hunza, working under the umbrella of Hunza – Gilgit Ismaili Students Federation, in Karachi.

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  1. BADA is another example of our interest in considering issues of village level. They have do nothing for academic activity. there is no mention of academic activity. only harisa and music. it is strange that an organisation with academic name has offered nothing academic. I request people from GB to shun such activities that turn us into a frog of a pound.

  2. Congrats to the youngsters. Hopefully, burdbars’s suggestion is given due weightage.

  3. bahadur sahib i do agree with u..but but but but but kahtain hai na karna mushkil bolna asan hai..

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