Waheed Murad joins MQM, withdraws in favor of Kamil Jan


Press Release

Islamabad, November 05: Waheed Murad, a candidate for the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly from LA – 6, Hunza, has withdrawn in favor of MQM ticket holder, Kamil Jan. He has also obtained membership of MQM.

According to a press release Waheed Murad made the decision after a meeting with MNA Abdul Qadir Khanzada and MQM provincial secretary for Punjab, Zahid Malik, here in Islamabad. MQM chief Altaf Hussain made announced this news in a press conference today, the release states.

Major points discussed during the meeting included prospects of establishing polling stations in Islamabad and Karachi. This would facilitate the migrant students and professionals of Gilgit – Baltistan, highly concentrated in Karachi, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore, Abbotabad and Haiderabad, Sindh.

According to the press release the above matter will be raised in a dinner meeting tonight with President Asif Ali Zaradar by an MQM delegation.

Waheed Murad has said that his decisoin to join MQM is for better future of his region. He has also termed MQM as a democratic and liberal party that is worried about the future of Gilgit – Baltistan. Another major reason quoted by Waheed is the opportunities provided by MQM to youth for playing a role in the region’s development through participation in the political process.

Waheed Murad had earlier tried to obtain PML (N) ticket but it was awarded to Shehryar Khan. The family of Waheed Murad had been long time supporters of Ghazanfar Ali Khan’s politics in the region. The decision to part ways with PML (N), observers believe, will create more hurldes for the party in Sost and some adjacent areas.


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  1. hahahah…. that why say looking the B/R it shows they are they looota family
    Geo MQM you can by these tatooes

  2. Welcome Waheed Muraad, your decision makes a big difference, this will be considered your services to the people of Hunza. Those ailing candidates, like Wazir Baig, Noor M. and Sharyar would speak against because you’ve slapped on their faces.

    @ Eh, yo must be from any other political party, man, see who is full of lotas, PPP, PML-N, PML or MQM?

  3. In previous Interview at PT, Mr Waheed Murad want to be part of Indepedent Candidate but i think now he change his mind and now he became part of MQM.

    ”Dher Ahid Dorust Ahid”!

    Best Wishes

    Roomi Farhat Beig Sostiq

  4. I dont think Waheed is a potential political figure of the area and would place greater impact on MQM’s strength in the area. He is rather a artist and which fits him alot.

    He has been active support of Ghazenfar and will remain his political allie in future… MQM is a waqti party like other parties. There are only two parties existing in Hunza 1. PPP (anti-mir) and Ghazanfar Party (Pro-mir)-

    Anaylysis of the current scenario reveals that pro-mir group is divided into many minor groups and using waqti names as MQM (Kamil Jan+ Waheed), GBNA-(Ijlal), Shaboz Party (Shahbaz), HAC-(Noor Mohammad), Rehmatullah Baing (PML-Q) and Sheheryar (PML-N). At the other hand anti mir group- PPP-(Wazir Baig), Independent (Aziz Ahmed) and Arif Hussain.

    These groups will further emerge into two alliences before 10th November 2009. Soon i will provide a compelete analysis on this to PT

    1. wow! tht’s i wanted to read the current situation. i’m not belong to any party, jst got interest in GB election.
      excellent work

  5. @ Salmanuddin, Waheed may not be a prominent political figure but he’s young, energetic and an artist. Whomever he allies in future, is a secondary matter but we have to appreciate him for future, we should encourage.

    For future, MQM is going to national party, they way they are progressing is awesome.

    I must say your analysis are no updated, you should be realistic and should look for updated information, I would appreciate if you kindly go and visit Hunza. Lot’s of PPP’s have gone into MQM.

    For the future analysis, please don’t misled people, if you think, this will help you to secure more votes for PPP, I must say, you are mistaken.


  6. I was just trying to find the people around Kamil Jan. The main figures in Gojal are now Abbas Khan, …….., (names of non-public figures deleted. editor) some other so called elite groups (2 bank managers, a NAPWD employee, a PIA employee, 2 AKDN employee; these people are Kamil’s friends in need (???) and 2 other persons who just brought a bad name for the entire community.

    I was also thinking to support Kamil….but the circle of opportunist has alraedy graped him. Now i cannot expect anything good from them.

  7. The attention that MQM has received from the people of Hunza in particular and those of Gilgit in general is quite interesting and shows the presence of political vacuum in the area that needs filling.
    It would have been encouraging if a nationalist party like BNF, KNM or GBDA etc had got the same sort of response but I assume lack/absence of enthusiasm on part of the activists of these parties, their non credible leadership plus the non existence of any financial resources has hampered their progress. We hope to see a more creditable presence of nationalist parties in future elections.

    I agree with the analysis of Mr. Sulmondin. It seems two or three of the candidates from the pro Mir group have to step down in favour of Mr. Kamil Jan to provide a stiffer test for the PPP candidate.

  8. u all are playing emotional politics…. should b techenical and productive …. please it z not a game of single man coming on the seat whoever comes is your and my servant hamara khadim hai yara ham danda mar kar kam karwayenga vote kia mara uncle hai k jo ma os ko khirath kardun… ara ba ba jag jaow thum log maro in ghundoun ko or leader lao… leader na bhee sahee magar awam os ko danda dai kar kam karwalo yar ye idea dai raha hun magar kam karwan khuch logun ka kam hai
    jo bhee election jittay ga os ka baad aik danda maar team tayyar karengay or in siasi logun ma sai jo b seat pa aya or kam nahee kia ham danda mar kar kam karwathay hain… gilgit bhee tho dnday ka zoar sai lia tha…. awal narmi ali magar akhir zarbi ali … koi man jae ya na manay kehnay mai kia harj hai…

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