Story of Noah's flood in Wakhi language


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  1. This is part of project of a Christian missionary group been working in various communities including Wakhis and Brushaski speakers. Check the below links for their work in both languages:
    Brushaski Language:
    Wakhi Language:

    They were very regular visitors of our villages, pretending to be researchers, linguistics, historian etc. They usually come with their family and amalgamate completely with the local community to understand the social and cultural system. I remember there was an American guy in Gulmit with his wife and kids, Mr. Peter, and they together were preparing a Wakhi language primary book that time. Who also took 2 very important books on Wakhi language, La Langu Wakhi, written by Dr. Hermen and Gurinberg, form Gulmit Library and never returned them.
    So likewise there are still many such people in our areas doing their work very genteelly. Now a day they are very active among the Wakhi community in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

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