“Destination Pakistan”, says Wazir Baig!

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Islamabad, April 12: Speaking to a group of journalists the speaker of Gilgit – Baltistan has said that ultimate desire of the people of Gilgit – Baltistan is to become a province of Pakistan. “Our destination is Pakistan”, he has said. “Due to the Kashmir issue we have not yet been granted a constitutional status in the country”, he has reportedly said. “Some frustrated Kashmiri groups are opposing the move despite of knowing the fact that only administrative rights have been given to the government of Gilgit – Baltistan”, he has reportedly said.

“When the Kashmiris got their rights in the past nobody from Gilgit – Baltisan opposed them but it is strange that they are opposing changes introduced in our region”, he has said.

Talking about the uproar about Attabad landslide disaster he has reportedly said that political forces are using the disaster situation in their own interest.

He has also said that the the GB cabinet will be announced soon.

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  1. Which Pakistan??? Pakistan of establishment (for tha past 62 years to-date) or Pakistan of pakistanis (which will never be materialized)???
    The choice is very narrow and waiting is long!!!!

  2. The ultimate desire of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan was to become a province of Pakistan. The experience of the past 60 years have severely dampened those desires and it would require quantum change in the political, social and cultural outlook of the people as well as the country to reignite those desires. Who would not want to be part of country that is constantly labelled a failed state, the most dangerous place in the world, where the society is corrupt and intolerant and unjust, where guns reign supreme (Military and militants) and where a significant portion of its own people want to part away. Emotions reflect your desire but logic should dictate the decision.

  3. No doubt that the destination is Pakistan, but did we ever think that what is the destination of Pakistan in the mist of current situation. Terrorism, corruption, sufferings all these have hijacked Pakistan itself.

  4. Mr Sajjad Baig is very much right. From the last 60 years the region had been kept away from the main stream politics, the Political and Constitution rights have not been transfered to the local administration, the fate of the region is attached with the Kashmir’s independence, which I think is an unjustified stance. In the past the bureaucracy had dominate the political reign which resulted in rubber stamp of the local legislation. This particular political attitude has so far diminished the patriotic spirit to the Federation among the educated youth.
    Thus the statement by the Chief Minister will not be welcomed by each segments of the region. The PPP government needs to take the Nationalist Parties on board regarding every political moves.

  5. Our ancestors fought the war to be a part of Pakistan but it proved to be a jack-pot played by the British to accomplish their very desire of keeping the Russians at bay from the worm-waters, since India announced its alliance with the USSR. So the war of 48 was an attempt to draw a line between INDIA and USSR which was successfully accomplished but the fate of the people living in the region was criminally undermined?
    In my opinion, The window opportunity that we have in terms of Kashmir dispute, is a hope for our future generation and we shouldn’t extinguish this hope by preparing to accede into a country that has discriminated us in all spheres of life. I don’t want to be a part of kashmir either but part of myself in an event of a UN resolution through self determination.

  6. In the present scenario, the Un resolution of self determination of the disputed territory of sub-continent, is just a dream but we must also keep in mind that the dreams matter, if not for the time being, surely in the future, and for a nation, 100 years is like 1 one year.

  7. I think neither India nor Pakistan is interested in resolving the Kashmir dispute as both have the knowledge that the people do not want to be a part of India so as Pakistan and resolving these five disputed territories i.e Kashmir, Jumu, Azad Kashmir, GB and some parts of Ladkh will likely to be losing a golden egg laying birds. The UN resolution of self determination is actually a dream for all of us. We are unaware how much generation will it take to hold the plebiscite for our rights of self determination. Thus it is sure that we as a nation lack the essence of leadership and Unity.

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