“No to Pukhtoonkhwa”, Chitral Youth League

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Karachi, April 3: The government shall either restore the old state of Chitral or annex Chitral district with Gilgit – Baltistan. By giving the NWFP an ethnic name the districts of Kohistan, Chitral, Malakand and Hazara were ignored and their existence in the province negated. ANP did not own us, we will now struggle for winning back our identity.

These views were expressed by leaders and activists of “Chitral Youth League” during a protest demonstration held here in front of the Karachi press club. The speakers included Lateef ur Rehman Lutfi, Inayat Rehman Shamsi, Sajid and Nawaz among others.

The protesters also raised slogans against the leaders of Chitral for ‘silently accepting the discriminatory name’ .

The protesters also said that Chitral and Gilgit – Baltistan have strong historical and cultural ties and the discriminatory attitude of ANP will force them to struggle for asserting their identity.

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  1. We do not accept the name khyber Pukhtoonkhwa.
    We shoud be under the control of the center,as laid down in the agreement of incorporating Chitral with Pakistan.
    We have nothing in common with pushtoons except being pakistani.

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