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[E – Discussion II]GLOF Risk Mitigation, community approaches


Dear All

Thank you for participating in the first phase of this E – Discussion. The first phase has been completed in which we discussed about the level of awareness in the local communities related to Glacial Lake Outburst Floods.

 We are now moving towards the second phase of the discussion and theme we would be discussing is Community approaches for responding to, mitigating and preparing for GLOF events. Some questions posed for the purpose of discussion are given below:

  1. What steps can mountain communities take to prepare for and mitigate the effects of GLOFs? (Are the steps feasible, sustainable and can they be practically implemented by common people?)
  2. Have any initiatives involving communities in risk mitigation and preparedness been implemented? What has been the experience in terms of successes, failures or acceptability by the communities?
  3. What kind of training and capacity building initiatives are required/ have been undertaken to prepare communities for GLOFs?

A separate page has been created for the purpose of this discussion. Click HERE to move to that page and discuss the issue at hand.

We request you to kindly post your responses keeping the above three questions in mind. 


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