[Pictory] Images of the ‘Sinking Paradise’

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan for Pamir Times

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    1. Ayeenabad, Vill Shishket, Teh Gojal, Dist Hunza-Nagar. Gilgit-Balthistan of Pure Islamic Republic of Pakistan presiding by Zardari now a days.

  1. It is so depressing to see these images of our homeland sinking in the deep blue lake.

    How can one keep his silence only because our politicians and our government gets angry when we cry?

    Why do I care for them as they have to please their masters and bosses on the expense of my livelihood?

    Is anybody really bothered by these images?, NO, but how long they are going to stay there as the monster which is getting bigger and bigger by every passing second is going to flash away everything once it is your turn.

    Let’s see !


  2. Great contributiion towards better objectives. Please furnish some photographs of water level in lake. I think we may project the losses with adding inview of people and leaders of the area.

  3. Chief Minister GB Mehdi Shah announced some 2 week ago that the work on Hunza lake will be completed by 15 April.

    Oh sorry! the year was missed, that may be 2011 or 2012 (God forbid). CM is becoming second Raja Pervez Ashraf by announcing unrealistic deadlines on the removal of debris on KKH and Hunza river. Still he is making fool the public by making tall claims. If Government of Pakistan is not in a position to work on lake, that may be due to economic constraints or other resource problem than GOP should sought help from the international community. I don’t know why the Government is still not expediting the work – what are there interests — something fishy.

    Zulfi, the pictures are nicely taken, that really made us more sorrow.

    God bless us.

  4. kon sochta tha ki ek aisa din b dekhney ko milega, aaj hume ak hona hai aur apne piyare darti maa gojal ko bachana hai. hume ak hona hai aur ak acha hal nikalna hai.

  5. PT Your straggly and awareness through your picture and articles doesn’t awake the died sentiment of so called lidership of our society. Our organizations those who are claim to give us a vision of development and rescue and trying to show the organizations as a role model to the world.
    It is shame for all those leaders for sinking our paradise; just imagine how miserable we are because of our Government, and other organization

  6. Nature is always beautiful in any form…………………
    May God help the owners in recovering the lose.

  7. heart touching pictures. May Allah save our heaven from more loss and give strength and prosperity to the people of Hunza Gojal to bear this moment of challange couragiously. Aamin

    thank you Zulfiqar bayee for sharing beautiful pictures.

    Ali Masud


  8. GB will not forget the out comes of this artifical lake, when it brusts up but still poltiticans and Adminstration of GB are saying Sab Acha ha……..All are Okay!……Hum tu dobain hain Sanam tum ko be la dobain gain…….Lets hope for the best……r8 now nothing is going on th r8 direction.

  9. why the hel peop;es of gojal are not taking action on all these thing??Why?……The Gov. of pakistan is mast sleeping and our homeland is in risk……Our peoples should take action.

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