Government utility store being closed in calamity hit Gulmit – Gojal

by Kamran Ahmed and Akram Bari

Gulmit, March 27: According to a notice, reference number Glt – 20/3065,  served to the landlord of a government utility store in Gulmit the regional manager, Changez Khan, of Utility Store Corporation has said that due to “higher costs” the utility store in Gulmit is being close till further order.

“The rates from Hunza to Gulmit Gojal are very expensive”, the regional manager has written to the landlord, justifying closure of the utility store. The shop owner has been directed to take possession of the shop from the store in-charge.

The decision has come as a huge surprise to people of the valley who were expecting increase in supply of relief items and utility store after Gojal valley was declared to be a calamity hit area by the former governor of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Retaliating to the decision of closing the shop the people Gulmit have asked the salesman of USC to leave the village and return with utility store items. The youth of Gojal have also sent a letter to the higher authorities of Utility Store Corporation, condemning the decision of closing the shop.

Recently the deputy commissioner of Hunza – Nagar had assured the youth of Gojal that the utility store will be restocked on priority basis.

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  1. Dear Kamran and Akram,

    Thanks for the updates! can both of you prapare/ compare price list of key essential food and non food items in gulmit and Aliabad.That will help stakeholders/ people outside Gojal to understand the high price of those essential items.


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