Spillway of the Gojal Lake being opened tomorrow

A combo picture showing complete length of the initial spillway. File Photo

PT Report

Hunza, January 25: According to Zafar Waqar Taj, DC Hunza – Nagar, the temporary blockade of the dammed Hunza River’s spillway is being removed tomorrow. According to some sources the blockade will be removed through blasting at around 1030 in the morning.

The release of water because of removal of the temporary blockade is likely to be comparatively higher so the administration has debarred the downstream population from going closer to the Hunza River.

The decision to release the accumulated water is likely to reduce risks for houses in the Gojal Valley which had become hazard prone due to increase in the water level.

It is pertinent to note that the release of water marks completion of the first phase of a controlled drainage mechanism devised by the FWO and other relevant institutions.

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