Pamir Times’ team member gets scholarship to study journalism in USA

Najeeb Ullah Naveed, a volunteer editor at Pamir Times, has recently moved to the United States of America for studying journalism at the Madison Area Technical College. He has received an international scholarship for the studies from United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan’s Community College Initiative Program. He belongs to Yarzirch village of Chipursan Valley, Gojal.

Team Pamir Times congratulates Najeeb for getting the scholarship. Najeeb is determined to use the knowledge and expertise he gets at Madisan for benefit of the community.

We wish him the best of luck for his studies and future endeavors.

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  1. Glad to hear about that 🙂
    It is always a good feeling to see our brothers working hard and achieving something that is beneficial for this society 🙂
    Good Luck

  2. Dear Najeeb,

    Congratulations to you for getting a competitive scholorship for higher studies, this shows your hard work, motivation and devotion.

    GSF members:- please get some inspiration and learning instead of wasting your time at the junction of chandni chowk and sorrounding areas.

  3. it great movement of rejoice that my senior at akhss gilgit and nice man to be around Mr najeeeb has got his way to us.
    i offer my deep congrates to him and his family and also need to recognize the service of pamirtimes in promoting guys like najeeb they are really beacon of inspiration.

    amjad ali khan
    nust business school

  4. Dear Najeeb,
    Congratulations for the great achievement and hope you’ll keep it up.Well done!

    Rahman Posh and Didar Ahmed (Sost)

  5. Dear Najeed ,,
    Congrats to you and your elder brother Mr. Ghulam Samad shah for availing the opportunity to study abroad,indeed you are ray of Hope (Naveed) for others..
    Shabul Aziz

  6. My Dear Najeeb,
    I am so happy to know about the scholarship you have got to study journalism in USA, May Mowla bless you and wish you to return successfully with a digree

    best of luck to you

  7. A well deserved achievement given the magnanimous efforts the Team Pamir Times has been making for the last 4 four years.

    Pamir times is like a glass of fresh water or a cup of tea without which we cannot simply keep on. Thanks for doing such a tremendous job.

    Many congratulations to all PT team members and many good wishes to Mr. Najeeb for an exciting future.

  8. Congrats for the shcolarship. However the USA is going through a period of decadence with a deep recession and the mood in the country is far from optimistic. I hope this will not affect you in a bad way. It could in fact be a good subject for practising your reporting skills.
    The diploma will be a good reference on your resume when you look for employment but if you can write and answer the essential questions every journalist needs to answer in an article: what? when? who? where? how? you know all you need to know about journalism.

  9. Dear Najeeb

    Congratulations to you, you were really deserving this because you are very sharp minded and hard working.

    God Bless you

    Momin & Family

  10. You are an icon for our whole Chipurson Valley. Proud of u dear.. Wish You best of luck for your endeavors..

    Karim Raminji

  11. Dear Najeeb

    Many many congratulations on the award of Scholorship to you and samad Both ,i would like to add one important thing which you should not forget that is your all success is because of your parents so you should never forget them.
    Bashir Ahmad

  12. Dear MR.Najeeb Ullah Naveed
    congratulation for getting international scholarship.
    it is my hope you will work hard as you did in the past.
    As chipursanic I am so happy to see some of you, guys
    sultan ahmad
    shabul aziz
    Samad shah
    young blood A torch bearer for chipursan valley.
    the must back word valley of Gojal. By Education health,
    Economic &communication
    while you are In the US Just keep for 2 minutes daily, the chipursan valley in your thoughts.

  13. Thank You very much for your best wishes. Hopefully I will avail this opportunity positively and join you all to contribute to the betterment of our community and nations as a whole. Thank you very much for the prayers and good thoughts of all my well wishers.

    NajeeB Ullah ………..Madison, WI, USA.

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