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Northern Areas Health department gets funds

The meeting approved the Northern Area Health Development Project Phase-II at a total cost of Rs796.050 million that would provide basic health services to the under-served population and strengthen primary health care services besides improving secondary and tertiary health care services.

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  1. There is some one from Gojal in the Health Department (District Health Office) or Union Counculor could bring the PC-4 status to Gulmit Hospital if the funds in actual has been relaeased.

    Please share you views, for which sector of the health department this fund has been issued or these are for new hiring in the health department.

    All the Gojalis are requested to do effort to mitigate the worsening condition of health care facilities in Gojal.

    Ali Sarwar

  2. ((((((((((((((((Health is Wealth))))))))))))))))))))))
    One of the basic objectives of healthcare Planning in any part of the Gojal is to have an equal access to health care for all, it respective of ability to pay. This means that every residence should have equal chance to go to clinics and hospitals. To meet this objective and other ones, I would request to the health authorities be careful analysis about the real demand and supply of health care facilities at their areas.


  3. For the information of ali sarwar PC 4 OF gulmit hospital iz already approved just waiting for his term because there are so many hospitals in NA are in waiting list gulmit iz one of from them every body should know that health department NA have farmula first in first bases if number is last the depatment will provied posts at last

  4. Dear khan zada Shab,

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    Please could you tell where does the Gulmit hospital stands in the line waiting for the PC-4 sanction?

    your response is highly appreciated.

    Ali sarwar

  5. A wonderful news.We expect that the funds will be used appropriately and in true sense for the benefits of the innocent people of Northern areas.Hopefully,a lump sum amount will not be used on the luxuries of the facilitators.

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