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Annual “16-Days of Activism” campaign launched, Sadia Danish represents Gilgit-Baltistan

Sadia Danish can be seen signing on a wall to symbolically pledge action against those who subject women and girls to violence

Sadia Danish, GB Minister for Women and Culure, can be seen signing on a wall to symbolically pledge action against those who subject women and girls to violence

Special Correspondent

Islamabad, November 28: The Annaul 16-days of activism campaign to end violence against women and girls was launched today at a hotel in Islamabad. Gilgit-Baltistan’s minister for women, sports, culture and tourism, Ms. Sadia Danish, was also present at the occasion. She highlighted the violence faced by women and girls in Gilgit-Baltistan and vowed to play a positive role for eradication of the social menace.

She also said that the GB government is actively pursuing cases of violence against women and girls and the criminals will be penalized and brought to justice.

The incidents of violence against women have increased exponentially in Gilgit-Baltistan during the last few decades because of social and economic pressures, as well as traditional notions of honour and prestige. Radicalization of the society on religious lines is also causing difficulties for women and girls. Hundreds of women have killed themselves during the last decade and hundreds have been killed by their relatives or family members, in the name of honour.

While some regions are more notorious because of strong and objective projection of the issues by the journalists, others are silent spectators despite of an increase in the number of cases. Majority of the cases of violence against women are not reported in Gilgit-Baltistan, according to an Mehnaz, an NGO worker who has been studying such cases for long.

Weak prosecution and absence of strong judicial mechanisms has been providing a safe passage for criminals who fake medical reports, pressurize the media and buy justice at gun-point or through money.

Several cases of alleged murder are pending in courts but due to absence of proper procedures and checks and balance the grieved families are suffering, waiting for justice.

In this scenario, Sadia Danish’s resolve to stand for putting an end to violence against women and girls is being seen as a powerful gesture. The public circles are expecting that the resolve and vision will be visible on the ground also, to ensure that the region’s leaders are not confined to heroic and flowery sloganeering only.

4 thoughts on “Annual “16-Days of Activism” campaign launched, Sadia Danish represents Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. Women victimization: In Gilgit Baltistan.
    Every one of inactive and dull educated person knows that women in Gilgit Baltistan at the hand of illegal money makers, rigid clerics and derelict persons suffer continuously. There are certain examples from different regions that raise hackle.
    Lack of educational institutions in the valleys apathetically forced the female particularly students to continue their education in educational institutions available in Gilgit, Aliabad and Gakuch. The continuation of education for rural female become impossible here in these cities because the collision of rigid city living and rural enlightened innocent way of life detracted the girls and involved them into ill practices. Particularly the girls who stay in private hostels are held up at the hand of criminals. Several certain cases already appeared and it is still continued. The religious and administrative institutions kept mum on these serious issues. The role of institutions become derelict particularly the communities who are suffering and severely fell into irritation and frustration. So what they will expect from the institutions that stand for nothing.
    The poor PPP uneducated workers just chanting vain slogans and do nothing. The crime rate against women in the period of PPP went very high. What do expect from the worker like Zardari whose wife’s case is still hush up and Saadia Danish has the same situation. Both they are enjoying their positions because of the killing of their spouses.

    Shafaq bujhi tho sitarun ne roshni paayi
    Kisi ki mout kisi ki hayat banti hai

  2. Great educationist with in-depth analysis of the increasing issue of women victimization in Gilgit-Baltistan.Thank you Ali Qurban uncle.

  3. The female population of the GB region was under privileged and more dependent on the male gender in the tribal society but now ,fortunately, this society is moving towards enlightenment and there is more acceptance of women’s roles in the communities.

    Like any other society GB is also going through the transition phase of transformation, from tribal values to a moderate and progressive society. We have witnessed a major progress in female education, job opportunities ,empowerment and freedom of expression over the last two decades through the evolution of the society ,which is slow yet persistent and sustainable.
    The female folks of GB are equal partners in education, agriculture and in the social uplift of the communities and they should further participate robustly in social activism, politics, the justice system and in human right movements to achieve the rights granted in The Constitution and promised by religion.

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