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Landslide damages bridge on KKH between Khyber and Ghalapan

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by Nur

Karachi, March 19: An important bridge on the KKH, located between Khyber and Ghalapan villages of Gojal valley has been closed for all types of traffic because of damages caused to a pillar by massive landslide, yesterday evening.

Aliyar Khan, a local businessman and a frequent passenger between Sost and Gulmit, when contacted by this correspondent, said that a large number of commuters remain stranded on the KKH, while Chinese and government workers were trying to assess and repair the damages. He also said that snow was falling in the valley.

The collapse of a bridge on the KKH, last year, had severely curtailed economic activities in the region, leading to shortage of edible and non-edible commodities.

Farhat Ullah Baig adds – Mir Sukord, the Mir’s bridge, on KKH has been badly damaged by heavy landslide. The bridge was built in the early eighties by Chinese engineers. Passangers are passing the damaged bridge with a hole in the middle, on foot.  

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  1. I am sure the chaines and FWO personnel’s are pretty competent to take the require action ….

    Basit ..

  2. In the pas FWO had put signed board on all the places from khunjrab passs to Takhot bridge, where is gone the FWO and where is gone the Builders o KKH,,,,, FWO has been for the name sack only ,,,,just to go the money into the punjabis pocket, but here we come to know that, the only Help comes from Chinsese sources if they dont put a small effort on the relations between Pakistan and China, i 100% beleave there is not a zero result gained from the FWO.
    It will be nice that if the chinses can keep on their intrests in building our karakuram high way and keep the spirit of Friendship as its goes on,,,i wish that chinsese company can look after the entire KKH becouse they are not crooked and theft as the way Pakistani officials are inside Pakistan, My word of rewards goes all to the Chinese govt for the efforts and building the Karakurum High with a Spirit of Friendship
    With due request it will be better infuture that chinese govt after the constructions work of KKH.should and Must remain to take care of the Maintainence for the next 10 yrs,,,,With out china we cannot progress becouse we as northern areas people entirely depend on china.Thanks to china for Building us the KKH.One more request it will not be difficult for china govt if one bus can be run between Gilgit-Soust on Daily basis without charging the passangers for free of charges, Will reallly epprecaite becouse the peple from this areas are poor and if A free Transportaion of bus on daily basis from Gilgit- Soust can be arrange for the people of this area will be really appreciated ,i wish if my personal request can go to the Entire team of KKH builder the chinese authority.With big complements to all the Officials of the chinese constructors and to their entire team…………………..Big Thank you from Resident of Moorkhoun for China Govt.You connected us to the outside world.

    Karim- dubai


  4. Mr. Kamran Aly, I don’t know where you from but I will try to clear this that The Bridge which located between Ghalapan and Khyber Gojal, that called Mir Bridge….its not owned by Mir it own by Karakorum Highway… for your kind information at Khunz’hrav (Land of River) near Dee’h Check post there come one bridge its called Pamirche Bridge,Pamirche was belong from Sost, he was working there as labour and due to land sliding he death.

    I hope now it clear to you.

    Best wishes

    Farhat ullah Baig

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