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Religious leaders cannot bring peace in Gilgit: JUI

Fair investigation of attack on party leader demanded

Asim Iqbal

Islamabad, February 14: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Gilgit Baltistan has linked the attack on his party’s leader Minhaj ud Din to sectarian violence and demanded of the government to conduct impartial inquiry into the case.

Addressing a press conference chief of JUI Gilgit-Baltistan chapter, Mulana Luqman Hakeem along with other party leaders said that anti Pakistan elements specially United States of America were trying to fuel sectarianism in the region and it was the foremost duty of the government to take strict action against them.

Terrorism can also pose a threat to new provincial set up, they added.

They said religious leaders could not bring peace in Gilgit adding that only political leadership can play a positive role for peace and prosperity of the region.

“Government should get cooperation of the elected members of Gilgit to elimenate terrorism.

Meanwhile Federal Interior Minister addressing in National Assembly revealed that a handful of traitors were busy in disrupting peace in different parts of the country including GB. “They have tried everything to fuel sectarianism during the last two months. They sold out their conscience for a few pennies. But, we shall not let them succeed in their designs”, he vowed.

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