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Gilgit tense amid firing incidents and a blast

 PT Report (updated)

Gilgit, September 26: At least four people were injured due to an explosion at a stationary store, located in Kashrot area. One of the injured died at a local hospital. According to initial reports, the explosion was believed to have been caused by bursting of a gas cylinder. However, police sources later confirmed that the low intensity explosion was caused by a locally made bomb. 

A private TV channel reported death of two police officials and a 13 years old child, due to violent incidents in different parts of the city, as protestors took to street soon after the news of a bomb explosion spread through the city. One of the police official died during a firing incident in Basin locality of the city while another one was injured, according to reports.

Markets were closed after riots and protests broke in reaction to the blast at the local stationary store. Violent clashes between protestor and policemen, according to reports, resulted in death of three civilians.

Heavy contingents of law enforcing agencies were called in to control the mobs that, reportedly, looted shops, frenchise offices of cellular companies and other offices. According to final reports the situation was brought under control by ten in the night, by imposing section 144 in parts of the city.

Immediate reasons for the extra ordinary violent reaction to the low intensity bomb explosion are hard to describe at this point but lately a strong feeling has been building in the region that the governments intentionally do not take take necessary measures to ensure peace in the region. To dispel this negative feeling this government needs to work on war footings.

Law and order situation in GB has deteriorated since proclamation of the Empowerment Order 2009. Elections for the Gilgit – Baltistan Assembly are to be held next month for which voter lists have already been compiled. Prime minister of Pakistan, Yousuf Raza Gilani, is also expected to visit the region on coming tuesday.

Some people blame all these incidents of violence and target killing on forces that are not happy with the province-like status that the government has introduced in the region and want to sabotage the process by destablising peace situation in the region. 

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  1. After 2 hours countinuous firing, loting and riots situation was controled by Police in the affected area (middle of city). For the residents of nearby area life seed terrible. now the situation seems normal by 10:30 pm.

  2. People of GB! Remain United as you were during the war of independence…..Our enemies are trying to penetrate into our lines and use relegious sentiments to create divisions. We will not allow them to do so. The act of looting was a new phenomenan seen in the current crisis…..This seems an attempt to disrupt the business environment. REMAIN COOL AND VIGILENT AND BE PREPARED TO MAINTAIN THE SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND RELEGIOUS HARMONY IN THE REGION:

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