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Imposition of tax to be completed within a month: Amjad Hussain

Special Reporter

Gilgit, March 24: Chairman Taxation Committee and member Gilgit Baltistan Council Amjad Hussain Advocate has announced that the arrangements for collection of income tax would be finalized within a month.

Talking to media he said that income tax offices would be set up in all seven districts and a provincial tax commissioner would be appointed to regularize the work of tax collection.

He also said that 400 employees will be appointed in the tax offices.

“Every province generates revenue in the form of taxes to meet its financial needs”, he said, justifying the move. He also said that those opposing the imposition of tax in Gilgit Baltistan are misguiding people of the region.”

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  1. Imposition of income tax in GB without giving the people of the area their basic right of representation in the national parliament will be another tragedy. It is an act agains the basic principle of no taxation without representation. It is the moral responsibility of the educated segment of the society to create awareness on this important issue and strongly oppose the taxation. Our leaders made a mistake by joining the state of Pakistan unconditionally and without demanding a legal status for the region, now our so called elected leaders are repeating that same mistake by accepting taxation without demanding their basic right of representation in the national parliament. Time will not forgive us if we kept silence this time.
    Sajjad Ali.. France.

  2. This is a very positive step.
    People of GB should be self reliant and self sufficient and generate their own resources.They should pay their due tax and people working in GB should pay Income Tax on their salaries

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