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Pictory of disaster management training at Passu

(Pictures presenting the disaster management training activities, organised by FOCUS, for the village and cluster response teams of Gojal, from August 11-15, 2008 at Passu:-Zufiqar Ali Khan)

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  1. The training itself is fantastic but we need to a fully equipped origination which can manage all kind of emergency in the area. We have well trained persons in every villages and have had committees in each villages of all NA. But those are not well organized and don’t have all necessary equipments used in a disaster as well as they don’t have any fund. Without any fund or equipments all the trainings are useless some one should look after all these village committees and provide all equipments to these village committees to make these committees effective.

  2. Thats just fantastic guys, great work done by FOCUS. Manay many congrets to the participants for completing the training successfuly and they will be helpful for any disaster or unseen challenges..


  3. It is really an appreciable activity by FOCUS and would definately overcome many uncertain conditions.

  4. Its well evident fact that we are the most organized, disciplined and most proactive mountain community of the world. We have the best tradition of volunteer organizations, Boy scouts, and Girl guides. It’s good to hear that FOCUS has organized training for emergency preparedness and enhancing professional competencies of the local people.

  5. one thing to be noted that priority should be given to those people [training for emergency situation]who r the perminent settler of their respective village COZ most of the youth go to the village for a dueration of one to two month n a year…

    lastly it z a bombastic initiatives taken by the COMPETANT FOCUS…

  6. Really we must applaud and appreciate the efforts of FOCUS which is playing leading role to cope with natural disasters and calamities. We the people of Northern Areas live in such areas where there are numerous risks of natural disasters so this is one among the main branch of AKDN which assists and updates us to prepare ourselves to face such incidents courageously.
    Such trainings are indeed a great boost to give awareness and skills to the people to be in commanding positions tot tackle emergency situations with professional approach.
    Best of Luck…….!!!!!!!!!!!!

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