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Ghizar: Protesters give 24 hours deadline to GB Government for restoration of wheat subsidy

Protesters staging a sit-in at Gahkuch. The main road remained blocked for most of the day, creating hurdles for commuters

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Gahkuch, February 16: Protesters in Ghizar have given 24 hours deadlines, ending on Friday 10 AM, to the GB government to reverse the decision related to withdrawal of subsidy on wheat. The deadline was set today after a fruitless meeting between representatives of the protesters and MLA Naseer Khan, Minister for Excise and Taxation.

Over ten thousand protesters belonging to different valleys of Ghizar district are currently camped in Gahkuch, the district headquarter, where they had reached Wednesday night, walking on foot for several hours.

The protesters were addressed today by different leaders who condemned the government for increasing price of wheat. “Within a few days the price of wheat has been increased by 300 rupees”, Moosa, a resident of Yasin Valley told Pamir Times. “The Governor and Chief Minister have conspired against the poor people of Gilgit – Baltistan by not defending the subsidy in front of the federal government”, he said.

The protesters have threatened that if the price hike decision is not reversed they will march up to Gilgit and stage a sit-in in front of the Chief Minister House, for indefinite period of time.

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  1. Salute to the united people of Ghizer for standing up for the legitimate rights and real issues. This phenomena is unusual, as for decades, people of GB have been tamed to raise only non issues.The message should be clear to those in power and their conspirators that the people of GB could not be engaged so long in false, irrelevant issues. The message of this unity of purpose should reach to every corner of GB. The people of Ghizer have proved to be the real leaders of GB.

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