Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

HRCP raises alarm over torture of detained political activists

Islamabad: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has raised alarms over reports of alleged torture of detained political activists in Gilgit – Baltistan. In a statement issues on Friday the Commission has termed the reports of alleged torture of at least five political activists in the Gilgit Jail as exceedingly worrying and “a hint at the authorities’ stubborn refusal to learn from the past mistake.”

The commission has noted with concern that the five activists imprisoned r several months continued facing harsh treatment for protesting against the poor quality of food and delay in hearing of cases of prisoners at the jail. They had been incarcerated for protesting on behalf of the victims of forced displacement on account of the Attabad landslide in January 2010.

On April 28, the five activists were reportedly visited in the jail by police and security agencies and tortured on the dubious charge of leading the protest in prison.

Meanwhile, the GB government had ordered an investigation into the allegation and directed the authorities to medically examine them for any signs of torture.

The Progressive Youth Front has, reportedly, decided to file a case against some police officials accused of torturing the prisoners.

3 thoughts on “HRCP raises alarm over torture of detained political activists

  1. The gross human rights violation which continues for decades, is a slap on the faces of successive governments in Pakistan who make hew and cry on the human right violations in Kashmir, Palestine and elsewhere….

  2. The cop who killed those father and son during that protest, is promoted to the Superintendent of Police and in charge of Khunjerab Security Force, as a reward for killing his own brothers. It was really shocking to see that police official standing proudly with his seniors after getting the promotion. You earned that promotion at the cost of the blood of your own people, said I instantly. Those detainees are truly the unsung heroes of our nationa.

  3. The repeatedly violation of human rights by GB Police and Administratn in the case of Aliabad incident of 11th august 2011 is the worst instance in the histry of Hunza. The promotn of the killer is really a shamful act of the corrupt mafia and perhaps the enimies of the people of Hunza that is extremly condamnable. such shamful discreminatn by GB Govt and Aaadministratn with the people of Hunza will become a nightmare for those culprits who dragged our peacful land of Hunza into an battlefield ignoring our all secrifieces and respect to law . Just wait for the demise of this zardari gang. Inshallah our voice will be heard one day.

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