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Federalists, Nationalists and independents to contest GBLA election 2009

20 nomination papers issued in Hunza alone

PT Report

Karachi, October 2: More than three hundred probable candidates have obtained nomination papers for the upcoming election of Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly. All major Pakistani political parties, including MQM, are fielding candidates for the 24 general seats provided under the recently announced Empowerment order 2009. The regional parties contesting are Balawaristan National Front (BNF) and Karakoram National Movement (KNM).

Our reporter from Chilas, Noor Ullah, reported that Noshad Alam, Hanif ur Rehman, M Yasin, Advocate Shahbuddin, Fida Ullah and Bashir Ahmed are candidates from ward 3 of District Diamir.

In Hunza four members of former chief executive, Ghazanfar Ali Khan’s family obtained nomination papers. Apart from them Shah Khan, Bahadur Khan, Zafar Iqbal, Hajat Muhammad, Shehbaz Khan, Ghulam Rabbani, Kamil Jan, Rozdar Ullah also obtained nomination papers among others. A total of twenty nomination papers have been issued by the returning authority in Aliabad Hunza.   

Nomination papers have to be submitted tomorrow, by 4 O’clock  in the evening.

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  1. How if can support this Rozar instead of alll tested politicians and beaurucrates.. lets debate it…. as all those obtained have not good track records……?

  2. Rozdar lagta hey bhoot zordar tariqay sey election laday ga… Rozdar if you are going through this comment would you be kind enough to justify your candidacy for the upcoming election despite the call for election boycott by the HAPAC, how can you play your roll to fulfill the demands of the people of Hunza after contesting the election?

  3. Dear Noor
    Please inform us about the contestants in the other areas besides Hunza.

  4. All the best to Mr. Zafar Iqbal please support him to become the first Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan

    Rehmat Karim

  5. wellll…………
    who is this rozdar????????
    Zafar iqbal is a true leader. despite the fact that his position for contending in the election is not clear as he is in govt service yet. but he is a true diplomate and he can do alot for our people.

  6. G .A. BNF & KNM.

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