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A beautiful view of Ghulkin Jamat Khana, in Gojal valley

Photo by Rashid Ud Din

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  1. ……………….EXAMPLARY………it z an ICONIC MOMENTO of ISMAILI COMMUNITY in the region of hunza…

    Our ancesters implemented the concepts of architecture n the construction of the JK..while viewing this superb building one becomes astound n confuse that how could b it possible 4m our encesters,who were lack of education……..


  2. Really this adds an emotional touch to see the glorious picture of our Jamat Khana. I appreciate your this effort to share this with lot of viewers of this site!!!!

  3. It is amazing to see how criteria can vary so much from these mountainous countries and western countries. Here in Canada the first question would be: “is there a lift for the seniors?” I assume that the seniors in Pamir region are physically very fit.

  4. NO doubt, amazing and charming view of our community centre, Much more ispiration with stunning architecture and great contribution of innocent people of Gulkin. Be blessed with immense barakaats Ameen:

  5. very beautifull photo of a very beautifull JK ,and in a great place , I love Pamir

    Batraa fromm Syria

  6. Well shooted. I visualize myself at the stairs of beutiful JK of Gulkin when we visited Gulkin back in 1986 for picnic.

  7. Surely it is the creation of Rashid u Din ,who has imagined it before snap. Rashid deserves our appreciation – Keep it up.To our worthy viewers i request to appreciate the originator alongwith the creation.

  8. Very beautiful JK and i appriciate the person who snap the picture.

    YAM and best regards

    Shakeel Ahmed from UAE

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