Update on FOCUS and AKDN response to Pakistan Floods

A family affected by the floods in Upper Chitral receives relief items transported on AKF helicopters.

Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) Pakistan has been actively involved in response and relief efforts following continued rains and massive floods affecting various parts of the country. A report released by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) stated that more than 1.2 million homes have been lost or destroyed due to the various rain related hazards including landslides, mudflows, floods and structural collapse.

The transportation of food and relief items continues to pose a challenge, due to road inaccessibility, poor weather conditions, and a shortage of government planes to transport relief items by air. The blockade of the Karakoram highway has made access to the mountainous regions of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral difficult, which is home to approximately 2 million people. FOCUS has implemented contingency plans to transport relief goods via ground identifying alternative road routes. Thirty tonnes of food was transported via trucks to the town of Chitral, which is one of the primary drop-off points for food distribution to remote areas. Additionally, FOCUS is transporting 200 tonnes of food in collaboration with the NDMA. FOCUS has procured food packages for over 15,300 beneficiaries.

In partnership with various AKDN agencies, access to health care, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities is being provided to displaced people who are in dire need of these efforts. Aga Khan Health Services is providing much-needed health care to displaced individuals in camps in Hyderabad and Karachi as well as conducting health awareness sessions throughout the camps. Aga Khan University has organised teams of doctors and nurses to travel across the country to provide healthcare, with an emphasis on mothers and children. Additionally, 50 multidisciplinary teams have been deployed to priority areas as declared by the UN and provincial agencies.

Aga Khan Planning and Building Services is making provisions to supply clean drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities in camps, as well as working to restore water supply systems in parts of Ghizer where access to clean drinking water is a concern. Over 20,000 water purification tablets have been provided to villages where clean drinking water supplies are severely depleted.

Source: AKDN

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    Asalam o Alikum Hunza,

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  2. On behalf of peoples of Pakistan we would lke to thank FOCUS Pakistan for all their timely help,assistance in helping people affected by the floods. FOCUS has done excellent work; be in providing search and rescue, or creating disaster awareness or providing relief supplies to people affected by natural disaster.
    During recent floods at number of places FOCUS volunteers were first responders. At number of remote places ,FOCUS air dropped food supplies. In some places in remote mountain villages of Ghizer FOCUS volunteers carried food supplies on their back for 15-20 KM.

    We are grateful to FOCUS and all AKDN agencies who have helped the poor people throughout Pakistan. Thank you.

  3. I have personally witnessed the good work FOCUS Pakistan has done during the floods.
    I had heard about excellent work FOCUS Pakistan was doing in remote mountain areas of Pakistan but during recent floods,I saw t he good work FOCUS has done in Sindh province. FOCUS volunteers were doing selfless work in helping people in district Thatta in Sindh and providing help and relief. I visited 2 FOCUS IDP camps; one in Hyderabad and one in Karachi near Amynabad.They were most organised camps I have seen in 15 years of my experience working for International NGO . They had very good coordination with local authorities and the camps were managed by young volunteers who were full of energy. Congratulations!,Keep up the good work.

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