New organization for GB youth launched in Islamabad

Participants of the press conference after launching BNYO. Photo Release

Press Release

Islamabad, October 18: A new organization has been launched in Islamabad by some youth of Gilgit – Baltistan. Name of the new party is “Balawaristan National Youth Organization”.

Addressing a press conference at a local hotel in Islamabad a leader of the Balawaristan Youth Organization, Faiz Ullah Faraq, said that the party would work to mobilize the youth against corrupt and inefficient leaders and bureaucrats in in Gilgit – Baltistan. He also said that the puppet governor and chief minister of GB are using their influence to get admissions and jobs for their relatives.  He accused these political leaders of working as agents of the Pakistani establishment.

Also present at the occasion were Ali Ghulam, Latif-ur-Rehman, Farhad, Sajid hussain and Zarwali.

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  1. These guys who had formed this so called organization were actually failed in BNSO election for top slots so they have formed this so called organization.

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