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[Pictory] Ummat Publications:Ignorant or ill intentioned?


The screen shot above has been taken from the website of Ummat Publications. The heading can be roughly translated as, “Will the residents of Hunza keep dreaming of tourists this year as well? Bombs are exploding [in the place] where flowers bloomed. Toursim industry has deteriorated due to the current situation of Northern Areas”.

True that due to the ongoing military action in NWFP and Tribal Areas, recently, and since 9/11 tourism has not really been good in the region. But, when did you last hear about bombs exploding in Hunza; a place where flowers of all kinds bloom? 

Let’s discuss.

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  1. This is what ignorance is all about. Hunza has been a peaceful place and will remain in the future InshaAllah. The temporary slack in tourism industry doesnt mean that peace has gone rather it vice versa. Since there is unrest in many parts of the world as well as other parts of Pakistan, therefore tourists can not make safe transit to Hunza in particular and Gilgit/Baltistan in general. The statement above is really misleading.

    Sultan Ahmed

  2. Two types of peace makers and peace lovers are around us. The one who loves peace and is nothing to do with terrorists, second are those who not only love and living peacfully but they also act for peace. To me it is the need of the time to not only leave peacfully but also act peacfully and influence around us ,educate and preach peace.

    The ummah is now remix with different colors… It has its own history and era… Those who gone through the books written that islam has been spreaded by sword means by force. They think that they are doing the right job for the right thing….

    The terrorist are being financed by west leading by muslim leaders and targetting their own home more. It has many branches and is now a large organization.

    Don think that they are just lay men. they are highly qualified , trained people from around the world.doctors, engineers, pilots, ————

    just think that for example i cannot influence some body to bring me second cup of tea, how they are influencing the life to death…. is it amazing or not?

    the need of the time is to not only stay peacefully but also act for peace with care.

    It is a very interesting story and full of depth. Time will take to calm down the situation.

    first of all to stop the finacial support

    any way could be any thing if each individual not paly their role for peace by example and by action.


  3. Dear all!

    Really sound strange-why some street magazine or papers are damagining the only place of Pakistan. This part of the country is 100% safe for any people from any country caste, creed and religions. Gilgit-Baltistan is the tourist heaven and very famous in the Developed World.

    Whom said there is no tourists in gilgit-Baltistan in general and Hunza special. All over South Asia the flow of tourist. this decreased after the incident of 9/11. Pakistan and specially Gilgit-Baltistan is not a sole universe it has geographical attachment with the rest of the world. If the foreigner tourist vist ratio are less the local tourist flow are 100% increased.

    At last I personally request to Editor of Ghazi Magzine to think before printing. With in the country Hunza & Baltistan are the only two place that are famous for its peace.

  4. These kind of things wiil happen day by day, if we don’t get our recognition. Some of my brothers are saying , it’s a part of pakistan, dears are u living in reality, We are not a part of pakistan, am not making fake statements here, i got strong arguiments. Its all happening coz, pakistanis have been hiding Us from the world, we are being assumed as a part of NWFP. If not, where do we stand…!!! what is our status in pakistani constitution, no one is going to stop pathans nd panjabis from spreading these kind of propgandas aginst a heaven like hunza. we need to get our status..!!!!

  5. dear all

    i totally agree with what ever comments hav benn made above but my question to all and Authorities of Pamir time is “Has some one tried to ask the Authorities of UMMAT news ,on what basis they have published the news?”

  6. I went to Gilgit-Hunza on July3 and have come back on July 20 and i find it hard to digest what UMMAT is trying to say here. I have tons of videos and pics all over NAz and didnt find a single incident of sort.

    Ummat has definitely gone nuts in relating NWFP with NAs

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