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Divaako: leaders in local media production

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Revolutions in Information & Communication Technologies have also revolutionized the means and mediums of knowledge creation and dissemination. This has not only positively influenced the way of thinking but has also made small communities vulnerable to increasing risks. It is thus important to fit in a global framework while keeping the local traditions, values and identity intact and alive.

KADO thus facilitated to develop local technical skills and capacities in media and media related industry to preserve and promote local cultural heritages and educate local community on a variety of issues, critical for overall development of the region. The ultimate goal is to harness a collective vision for the future of the region.

Divaako Productions since its inception is dedicated to develop variety of educational and entertainment programmes in local languages within the local context and broadcast it through the local cable channel “Sujo Hunzo’’.

Divaako is derived from Burushaski language which means ‘people born with extra ordinary power of wisdom and premonition to symbolize the role and influence of media in modern world.

The team has developed and released its first comedy programme “This-qawo” (wrong call/number) in Burushaski language during Eidul-Fitr. The PT family can also enjoy these skits with the permission of Divaako Productions team.

Click on the links below to see the videos.

Part 1: Tis Qaw, Part 2: Tis Qaw , Part 3: Tis Qaw

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