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KIU takes action against students; 16 expelled, one banned for life

Gilgit: (PR) The KIU administration has expelled 16 students for a period of three years and rusticated one for life on charges of “illegal activities and breaking of the university rules”.

According to a press statement shared with the media, the KIU administration has rusticated one Saqlain Raza “for leading illegal activities”. Sixteen other students have been expelled and made ineligible for taking admission for a period of three years. The statement reads that a notification to this effect has also been issued.

The statement accuses the students of “scuffling with security officials and bringing banners and loudspeakers inside the campus. Fines have been leveid against the students who spoke at the Yom-e-Hussain (as) programme today without taking permission from the university administration.

The expelled students include Abbas Ali, Kamil Hussain, Saqib Ali from Business Administration department, Jamal Haider from Economics department, Syed Waqar Shah from Computer Sciences department, Shafqat Hussain from Mathematics department, Qaisar Abbas, Aneel Abbas, Muntazir Hussain and Waqar Haider from International Relations department, Muntazir Abbas and Raza Tabish from the department of Mass Communication, Sherullah from Environmental Sciences department and Raza Baig from the department of Modern Languages.

A KIU official informed the media that Saqlain Raza has been banned from taking admission at any HEC recognized university in the country.

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  1. unfortunately, we are infront of a Misguided, Un-educated, and Extemist radical pro talibaan ideology follower’s here in GB, and they think, only they are Authorized to attest Digree’s of Muslimship and those having attested testinomials from them are Muslims and Rest of All are Non Muslims and their life and property is Halal on them…

    Down With Yazidi Admin and VC of KIU

  2. Dear Raza, can we grow up and stop proving who is a real Muslim? I thought religion or faith was only between human and Allah or God and was supposed to show proof to Him only that we obey his instructions. If I do not obey Him, I am going to be answerable to Allah and not even my father or mother could help me, forget about any other human.

    Having said that, what is happening in the Muslim world today, particularly in poor countries is that Muslims are killing each other, just to proof – who is a real Muslim. The actual purpose of being Muslim was to be a good human – hurt no one (Its a Gunah), do not take anything if it does not belong to you (its a Gunah), do not lie (its a Gunah) and Quran says if you kill one person – you killed all humanity.

    So, if we look at our Aemaal or what we do, you may notice, we do not come under the description of real Muslim. Remember, Allah never said if you pray five times a day ONLY, you will go to Jannah…

    Having lived in many countries including the Middle East, North Africa and North America, I found out that non Muslims particularly Christians do and behave what actually Islam teaches us to do except they do not go to Masjid. I see everyday that women sit just face to face in front of men and those men would not even look at the women once and they would either look down or look at another direction EXACTLY what Islam teaches us. They would say thanks (as much as three times) when they buy some stuff from a shop (its Tehzeeb that Islam teaches us), freedom of opinion, you have the right to do and say what you think is right and does not matter if others agree or not but your opinion would be respected.

    Long ago, one famous Egyptian Imam went to Paris, France (those days traveling to another country was a big thing) and he wanted to find out what these Non-Muslim Christians do and act in their country. After spending couple of weeks in Paris, the Imam returned to Egypt. The Egyptian media was very curious and wanted to know the Imam’s experiences in Paris. Upon questioning by the media, the Imam told that “in Paris, I saw the Islam but there were no Muslims and in Egypt I see Muslims but there is no Islam.”

    This gives us a lesson and a choice: Should we keep trying to proof ourselves by fighting with one another as to who is a Muslim. The result I am afraid is that we are not able achieve anything in this world and since we did not obey Islam’s teachings (we fought, killed, hated each other and stole) and we would be thrown into Jahanam. Insane to think of any good outcome.

    Other choice is that we stop all this nonsense of proofing who is a real Muslim. Lets copy and cheat behaviors from other religions to tolerate, respect and not to keep an evil eye on women, help poor and needy, learn and educate ourselves and our children so that we also invent things like Internet, Rockets, discover galaxies, manufacture planes, research and discover medicine, create super computers and ALSO go to Mosque and pray to Allah and ask Him that we did good deeds in this world and grant us place in Jannat.

    If we keep the status quo and do not change ourselves, we would stay poor in this world and surely confirm our place in Jahannam.

  3. simple every one has there own right to live..
    lakin jo hua galat hua..
    baqi main samjta hn stunds ko appna padaye karna chaiye..
    siyasat wagera baad ki bath a.

  4. Peace and progress is possible through dialogue ,tolerance , and better educational opportunities to the youth of the region. But unfortunately we are witnessing aggression, intolerance and radicalism in our society ,which has already engulfed the only institution of higher learning in GB.We should keep our religious believes out of institutions ; preach the message of peace among the Muslim communities and give breathing space to non believers , as it is practiced in the west.The people of GB should restrain their emotion and promote harmony otherwise the fault lines are going to be widen;leading to destruction of our culture,economy and fabrics of our society.

  5. Students groups, especially students political groups and their activities should not be allowed in KIU. These groups ignites conflicts and later it engulf the whole region.

  6. We should feel shame that we defame our Holy Prophet and Holy Quran.

    We are not fighting for our constitutional rights, we don’t have light, we don’t have gas, we don’t have good facilities of health in the area, we don’t have a good road to travel to Rawalpindi, we don’t have proper flights of PIA to fly to Islamabad.

    We don’t have good educated Members is assembly, just corrupt puppets of Pakistani Govt.

    We dont have any industry to minimize unemployment.

    Think and fight for rights, we shouldn’t be stupid any more to finish energy for useless matters.

  7. I really appreciate what Jaik Haal said. We should stop pointing who is real Muslim and who is not. Lets be better Human. God Bless All

  8. The Purpose of Religion is to control yourself, not to criticize others. How much am I Doing about my anger, attachment, hatred, pride and jealousy? These are the things which we must check in our daily Lives.
    – Dalai Lama

    I am Speechless……….. Please Dont take law in your hands in the name of religion…… Please!

  9. The decision Of KIU Administration to expel and rusticates some students as punishment for there
    quarrel act from the compos.
    it is justified,exemplary curb
    the unhealthy activities in the compos.
    the university Administration should not allow any student unions to play activities on party basis
    the free party unions should be allow to work for the betterments of the university
    to learn the positive and tolerant politics.
    we know there will be threats, warning and conspiracy,influence to KIU Administration
    to re consider there decision and accept those students.
    but for the sake of education the healthy environmental system is essential for study and society.
    Hikayat shah

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