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Suggest a name for an Urdu Blog

Dear readers

After running Pamir Times successfully for the past 23 months, we now venture to launch an Urdu news and views blog for the mountainous communities of Gilgit – Baltistan.

A  large number of volunteers have agreed to offer their services for managing affairs of the Urdu blog. Our emphasis and priority would be development of original content, in Urdu language, about the entire Gilgit – Baltistan region.

You are invited to suggest a name for the blog.


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  1. I have few possibilities in mind:

    آہنگ بام دنیا
    نداۓ پامیر
    نداۓ قراقرم
    سوز سر زمین بے آئین

  2. The name should represent the reality the , depicting the sound and site. It is not and should not economical but rather a social or political. The ignorance of political and social right to the area by the establishment.
    1. Goshia Sada Shumal
    2. Shumal Ki Awaz
    3. Fikra Shumal
    4. Mara Shumal
    5. Aak Shumal
    6. Faryad Shumal

  3. Samsang Zamin- equally acceptable for all in GB.

    Samsang was once used by GISAK for a publication too

  4. Here are some suggestions for names, bearing in mind the distinctive geography of the region:

    1. Noor-e-Shumal (Northern Lights)

    2. Chorah-e-Shumal (Northern crossroad)

    3. Arz-e-benaam

    4.Goonj-e-Shumal (Northern Echo)

    NauroZe Shah
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  5. bom-e -dunyo

    pomir nama

    khabar ehwal

    akhbaar-e- shumal


    umeed nama



    nawy e gilgit baltistan

  6. As an outsider, just curious to know. What percentage of the area speak/read/write Urdu as their primary language?


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