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People of Gojal Valley constructing link road on self-help basis

Gojal: Local people are seen working for construction of the link road. Photo: Murad Shah

Our Correspondent

Hussaini, April 25: Local people in Gojal Valley have taken it on themselves to construct a link road to reconnect Hussaini village with Ghulkin and Gulmit. The government had failed to construct the link road despite of repeated demands by the local people. Fed up with the callous attitude of the government representatives, the local people have started constructing the road that will help reduce the peoples’ dependency on boats.

It is pertinent to note that the Karakuram Highway between Shishkat and Hussaini was inundated due to damming of the Hunza River as a result of the January 4 2010 landslide at Attabad.

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  1. It is a good stard dependency is an evail. You all know we have guidences for self help development and improvement all the people from entire Gojal should participat in this work. It is the responsiblity of the councils to mubliz and motivate the community of their areas and construct the road and facilitate the people who are travling on this road.Allah apka hami wa nasir ho.

  2. Respected All,

    I fully agree with the comments of USTAAD MUTARAM Raza Muhammad. I on my behalf request to all the Four Local Council and their sub institutions to mobilise the JAMAT and make it an example to the rest of the World. Further, my request to all the elites and educated people Mukhi & Mukhiyanees and Kamardias & Kamadianees and specially Captain of the volunteers and their reporting bodies to set an example for the rest of the Country and world.

    My request goes to every individuals whoever read this great idea and whereever he lives should convence and give a help call from ZOODKHON< MESGAR to SHISHKAT and this would show your strength—–and strengthen the actual message of Islam "UNITY IS STRENGTH". I personally hope from all the people of GOJAL to be unite on this great cause.

    We congratulates on and behalf of GECA whom ever initiated the zeal and started the Construction. Any services from GECA Islamabad, We are always available.

  3. AKRSP.s one main objective has always been remain to train rural area people in area of self reliance. All villages of Gojal so far have done at least one project on self help basis.

    So i am pretty sure that Link road project who ever taken the initiative is a another mile stone in addition to previous projects. As they people have experience in this area so inshallah project will be completed successfully.
    All NGOs should be requested by the Village organizations ( A cluster organization should be formed) to help in financing the material costs s and Labor cost should be contributed by the Villagers.

  4. wonderfull initiative by the people of gogal. i hope this step will help to open the sleeping eyes of the sleeping goverment.
    As one of my elder already mentioned that we are already tought about self initiations so we have a better chance to implement the tought lesson.
    nathing can stop us from becoming a developed society if we work together.
    proud to be a gojally.

  5. I recently visited Gojal and was lucky to travel on the new link road linked by CRBC at their own possibly to link Ghulkin,Gulmit then to bridge temporarily through Shishkat to work on the possible future TUNNEL 6 Km from Ayeenabd to Spillway. I personally thank them for whatever the reason is, the big Challenge is the glacier water on the KKH at Ghulkin unless the water is culminated to the old and new bridge this project will not work.
    The people of Gojal are still sleeping and waiting for miracles to happen, but that is not possible unless they are focused and united toward a common goal of release of complete water release from the artificial lake.

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