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[Youth in action] Sound System purchased for social events

by Qasim Shah

Karachi, July 3: Members of the Ismaili Boys Scouts Group – Gulmit Unit, have purchased a new sound system for facilitating social events in the village. The scouts had started a fund raising movement for purchase of the equipments and were able to raise over 150,000 rupees, in a span of two months, mainly from people and organizations of the village. Members of the purchase team packed the equipments in Karachi and want to use it on 11th July, the Imamat Day of His Highness the Aga Khan.

Talking to this correspondent in Karachi members of the purchase team said that they were excited about their efforts and would continue to work for resolving small and large issues of the region through collective and systematic action. “This is not a very big contribution”, said a member of the team, “but it shows that if we work with honesty and determination we can help betterment of our society.

The scouts group has started various civic engagement projects in the region, whereby member are able to contribute voluntarily for reducing various issues.

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  2. Wonderful example of unity to the new generation. That is not just a gift but the symbol of sincerity to their beautiful area and people. Every individual has to contribute that much how much they can. I wish this should be the starting point of contribution and all the youth should be a part of it to give anything to their people they need…….

    I want to congrate the scouts for placing such an example to all those who are selfish and don’t think for the betterment of the North Pakistan. Today the world is facing an economic crisis and if we remain alone and never thought about the unity we will be unable to overcome this crisis.

    At last but not least, I wish you all Happy Imamat Day Mubarak.

  3. It is a good step for improvement, but their intentions of spending on the projaect is not clear? As they say, for the betterment of the region, but what kind of betterment????Political, social, religical, infrastructural, or personal????

  4. This has been a great effort by the scouts to contribute something to the society ,scouting has always been useful to our area in terms of social, skill development and unity of the youth.they have set an example how each portion of the society can play its role for development of society.Scouts have donated their time and effort and others have donated their material resorces and knowledge for a betterment and we should appreciate it.

  5. Gulmit has been very active in hosting different kinds of celebrations.A good sound system was therefore much seeking requirement.Its worth-appreciating work, and scouts indeed deserve the credit…Scouting is indeed a responsible and creative activity…nd they ll thus make the system avialable and also its proper use…….YUUKK………….GOOGLUCK

  6. ,,,Gulmit has been a centre and host for alot of tempting celebrations..a proper sound system was the very need of the hour..the scouts have done an unprecedented job in making it a reality..congrates and hope along with its provision they ll make its proper use a realoty………YUUK nd GOOD LUCK..

  7. On behalf of the Gulmit boyscouts group i would like to thank all those who contributed to this project, whether it was financial, social or moral. it was a great challenge for us to make it possible. first by the grace of Allah and then with the contribution of the society it became to the final stage.
    I would like to mention the objective of this purchase that our programmes were really disturbed whether they were religious or social or political, but our area of focus was on religious programmes, keeping in view this issue it was important for us to purchase a sound system.. Gulmit being the largest village in population has the need of this instrument.
    Once again thanks to all those who supported.
    Thank You
    Tariq Rahim Baig
    GSL Secretary.

  8. Welldone Guys That Is FABULOUS Job Done by Younstar,s of GMT and Specially from the Plate form of Boy Scout we Must Apperciade these types of Activities and Contributions May Mowla Give you More and More….

    Didar Karim Bari
    Rupani foundation ECD Program
    Office Gilgit

  9. It gives me immense pleasure to learn that The Open Ismialia Boys Scouts Group Gulmit has finally overcame the problem of microphone system; we usually face during the events in Gulmit. This shows that if our youth wants to overcome any problem they can. I personally appreciate and acknowledge their tremendous efforts. I am sure the best use of this particular equipment will be ensured as well.

    Well done boys!

  10. Great job. It is indeed very encouraging to see our young generation involved in helping community building projects.
    We wish you success in all your endeavours to serve the community. Please keep me informed of the new projects you undertake. Any support we can give you, it will be our pleasure.
    Warm regards to you all and May Mawla bless you – Ameen.

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