Wakhi dubbed animated movie, “Pilpich”, launched

Release of the Second Wakhi Dubbed Animated Movie “PILPICH” has been announced today. Babirzung was the first Wakhi dubbed animated movie launched by a group of amateur animation artists working for “The Wakhi Studio”.

The new movie promises better sound quality, background music, new actors and actresses and a great family entertainment.

Prepared in just two weeks makers of the movie hope that this movie will bring back  smile on the face of all Wakhi speaking people. “Learn to smile at every situation. See it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability”, is the message being conveyed through the movie.

It is dedicated to the resilient people of Gojal in the time of distress caused by damming of the Hunza River and the resultant collapse of life and economy in the region.

The actors including in this movie are Murad Khan, Sher Khan, Sultan Uddin, Zeeo Zia, Rahim Ullah Baig, Shahid Ullah Baig, Karim and an actress Mano Sobir.

Copies of the movie can be obtained from:

In Karachi Mr.Ishaq 0334-9669167

In Islamabad Mr. Sultan Udin 0344-5053818

In Gilgit Mr.Zeeo Zia 0331-5563721, 0344-5470558

In Gojal Mr.Salman Hussain 0345-9597099

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  1. hahahahhaha, Masst kaam kiya hai Zeoa zia ne, That will entertain aloT of wakhi fun looving peeps 🙂

  2. Thats what creativty is about… the mind holder,s ….. you gone rock…… do it ….very funy…. burrrrrrr
    Navaid Veercan.

  3. Citation:: “…..amateur animation artists……” & “………makers of the movie………”

    pardon me but these guys are way more than that :p I mean they have dubbed over it! that’s like something more than the team of Eric Darnell could ever do! moreover it is great to know that THE WAKHI STUDIO has done it’s way into Pamir-times, Pamir-times is usually good owning people when they infringe copyrights :p the “Director” should be given the pulitzer prize for “DIRECTING” the incredibly sophisticated part of FILM MAKING, which is, by the way, “THE DUBBING”, I would say, “Two Thumbs Way Up” for this movie!

  4. Dear Team members of animated movie “Pilpich”

    Congratulations and salute for all of you.

    It was really interested and fantastic to see your first animated movies “Babirzung”. I and my whole family members really enjoyed it, specially the kids. Such type of animated movies in local languages (wakhi) would definitely help our school going kids to listen, speak and articulate local customs and values.

    It’s a good initiatives and move, it shows that all of you have the potential to offer and accept challenging assignment.


  5. Dear SIB

    I am glad that someone brought this issue up. You are absolutely right. Intellectual property rights of the animation/concept/videography are being breached here.

    Be it the Wakhi Studio or other independent groups dubbing such animated movies, we have seen similar dubbing tinges in other languages as well, our young creative artists need to make sure that they don’t trespass the boundaries of intellectual property.

    In a knowledge society this is a dangerous trend.



  6. Dear Noor,

    I 100% agree with your idea. thanks a lot for the prompt response.

    God Bless You.

    Mehboob, ISB

  7. Dear friends of “Pilpich”

    Commendable efforts and hard work, all the wakhi people stand up beyond you and strongly reject the so called copy right protectors and intellectual property.
    Your efforts will definitely weaken the mami / dady culture prevailing in our society where parents feel shy and shame to learn and educate their child in local language, even feel shy to speak in their mother tongue. There is no doubt that English is the international language but it does not mean that some one forgets his mother tounge and past.


  8. Good Work

    Zeyoo, jon good and nice work, it can be used in many ways but keep it up , your team is good and with all your limited resources it is the best what any man can do, keep it up
    dont worry what any one says , some will like it and few not , but you keep it up

    and always keep space for more improvement

  9. Why did you rip off the Ice Age artwork by 20th Century Fox? If you want to be congratulated why don’t you try creating something original?

  10. Dear all,
    thanks allot for your critical analysis of the movie.It has been a long journey to dub a movie in wakhi without a proper studio setup and limited resources. Your critical analysis will definetily help us to improve in our upcoming ventures as we also think that there is always room for improvement. Working for the betterment and spreading of Wakhi language to the masses has been our main objective and we would appreciate everyone to help us in this cause.

  11. nice work dear;;;;
    it is really funny 1.
    keep it up and we need more improved then this in future.
    best of luck

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