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[PT Report] Gilani’s ten-point ‘development package’ for Gilgit – Baltistan

PM at GilgitTen significant and practical steps announced by PM Yousuf Raza Gilani as part of his development package for Gilgit – Baltisan are;

  1. Doubling the vehicle fleet of NATCO
  2. Sost Dry Port to be improved
  3. Gilgit and Skardu airports to be expanded
  4. Reopening of ZTBL and NBP regional offices
  5. NAVTEC bureau to be established in Gilgit for skills development
  6. Basic salary fixed at Rs 6, 000
  7. 150,000 metric ton wheat subsidized for Gilgit Baltistan, 
  8. Research centre to be set up to study horticulture
  9. 6.5 billion already allocated for the development of Gilgit Baltistan,  Rs 5.5 billion more for capacity building
  10. Cold storage centres would be established to preserve the 55 locally produced varieties of Cherry

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  1. The 10 points suggested by Mr Gilani are very positive. Service of NATCO buses must improve! Research to study horticulture also essential. All these points are very positive and I wish people of Baltistan will prosper manifold!

  2. The prime minister yousuf raza gilani made speech very well and annouced a very good packages about gilgit baltistan, but we all are happy when there is working on the mentioned packages.
    other that at a crictical situation gilani came to gilgit this is positive action taken by gilani.
    Hope! ……..

  3. not a bad package for us , now its on our leaders to brings those packages in real ..other wise it will remain as our government always do….

  4. It was not 10 point….you have missed some most important announcements like Medical College, functionality of Hunza-Nagar District, Winter Allownces for Govt. Employees, declaration of hoteling sector as Industry, announcement of the vacant jobs in different departments assurance for the rehabilitation of Basha dam affectees, ambulances for hospitals, increase in quota of GB students in Universities and colleges, incraese of employment quota in federal jobs, Salaries of Police as par with other provinces, low income group house scheme, Journalist colony, Benazir Tractor scheme doubled etc

  5. Dear Zulfiqar

    Thank you for adding this information as a comment.

    The Gilgit allowance is not new. It had been abolished and now it is restored. So, it isn’t a “significant” step.

    Similarly, making the HN district active isn’t a significance step. This government had stopped funds for the district

    The tractor scheme and the BISP scheme are, reportedly, being used to bribe and win voters before the elections!! What’s their impact on the overall society? Further, the two schemes were already in progress across GB, so that’s not a new announcement.

    Winter allowance has also been restored, which was abolished. nothing new.

    Punjab government has increased 100 % quota for Gb students, already!! The best PM cuold have done is to finish admission curbs for GB students in Karachi University. He can’t pressurize the mqm …. if that was done, i would have counted it significant.

    Also, ambulance for hospital!! Do you think that’s really a big news?

    Health sector reform, including establishment of medical college, is to be done with the 87 Crore announced!! Is another fund deficient KIU in process?

    The increase of GB job quota in federal government is annuled by the proportionate increase in quota of federal employees in the GB administration!! Nothing significant.

    The housing society promise has been there since last two years!! Let’s hope that it gets materialized and is not part of the pre-election rigging that other parties are alleging!!

    For the reasons stated above, we chose the ten most practical points raised by PM.


  6. My comment was not to praise government about the package or create any debate. It was just to correct the information. For some people the announcement of medical college, which is not sure to be materialised, is a significant announcement and for some not.

    Like the 10 you have mentioned the others can also be counted whether significant or not.

  7. Dear All Hunzians;

    Its our profound pleasure that Mr. Gilani has announced offically GB as a 5th Proviance of Pakistan. Still it is quite difficult to say, what is the prime interest to make 5th proviance of pakistan. As we know there are so many other huge cultural, ethical and territorial areas demanding since independence of pakistan for proviance.

    Here Gilani speech is quite important to think it over? what forigner by his means? Afganistan, Russia, China ,India which country is possibly infiltering the terror the region?

    Any way what ever reason behind to make proviance GB. but i think its right time we must struggle gor our basic rights. I mean every region not only Hunza or Gilgit or Baltistan, All regions astor , chilas, diamir and gopis .

    We have seen the world through a window but we need proper door to shoe rest of the world to our new generation, as it is our ultimate goal and practice since beginning.

    I always keep reading PT, its so nice blog as i am living in Saudi Arabia, i feel pleasure when i come accross any good news and vice versa.

    thanks u PT

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