‘Fake spiritual healer’ nabbed in Skardu

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Gilgit, July 29: Police have arrested a ‘spiritual healer’ in Skardu after he tried to exploit a teenage girl. According to a daily Urdu newspaper mother and brother of an 18 year old ailing girl took her to the ‘spiritual healer’, identified as Ali Shah, on advice of her village mates.

Reportedly the ‘healer’ obtained 6,000 rupees as professional fee and told asked the three people to drink a medicine because he said that not only the girl but her mother and brother were also under some evil powers.

“The medicine he gave us was red in color and bitter in taste”, mother of the 18 year old girl told police later.

Thousands of fake spiritual healers throng all corners of Pakistan, including Gilgit - Baltistan. Superstitious social attitudes are major proponents of such ill practices

After drinking the medicine the mother and her children gradually started fainting. The spiritual healer then tried to molest the girl who was still not completely unconscious. The girl, reportedly, made noise and got attention of the neighbors who came to her rescue.

Skardu police later arrested the ‘spiritual healer’. According to the police this particular ‘pir’ had been in jail for similar frauds in the past.

Condition of the mother and her two children is said to be out of danger.

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