Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

People of Shinaki Hunza demand repair of hanging bridge

PT Report

Gilgit, October 29: Residents of Khizarabad, Mayoon, Hussainabad and Khanabad have demanded of the authorities to pay attention to suspension bridge that serves as a lifeline for the region. The residents have complained that despite of several attempts the attention of relevant department could not be diverted towards the vital public service work.

“The iron-ropes holdings the suspension bridge are very fragile”, Maqbool Shah, a resident of Khizarabad told PT in Gilgit. “If the bridge is not repaired on priority basis lives of the commuters will be endangered”, he said.

The local people have voluntarily put a ban on movement of vehicles across the bridge, in view of its fragility. While decreasing the threats to the bridge itself, the ban on vehicular movement has also increased difficulties for the local people, who are now forced to carry loads on their back across the bridge.

In view of the importance of this bridge for the thousands of people living in the four villages of Shinaki region (Hunza Valley), the local people have demanded that the political representatives and DC Hunza – Nagar should take immediate steps to repair it.

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