[Reflection] PT’s reporting of Attabad Disaster

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  1. I am very glad to say PT did wonderful job to cover the Atta bad incident. this is very good effort from Pamir times thanks again ;

  2. I very much appreciate the role played by PT at this crucial time. At the time when the national media is oblivion or partially reporting about the happenings in Gilgit-Baltistan, it is encouraging that PT stands to bring the real situation to the world. PT has reported very well on all the aspects of the calamity hit area and I think it has stood shoulder to shoulder with the people in suffering. Thanks PT, for the great work!

  3. Just as the first Gulf war in 1991 cemented the global reputation of CNN as an outstanding and unique news channel, similarly I believe PT can emerge as the most reliable source of news, opinion, and a platform for discussion for the people of Hunza in particular and the wider region of Gilgit-Baltistan in general, following your extensive coverage of Attabad disaster. You have done an amazing job by posting videos, photographs and written reports from field.
    I am not sure to what extent your efforts have impacted mobilization of government machinery and civil society but i can certainly say that PT’s coverage of the event has created a stir in the hearts and minds of all those who are sympathetically concerned with the people of Attabad at this moment of their utter need. As always I am an admirer of PT and i do hope that you will continue to put your efforts in the future as well to cover all those significant events, political and not so political, that directly affect our lives in GB.
    Thanks again for your brilliant efforts.

  4. I think PT was the only source, which provided (and is still providing) immediately and relevant information for its readers. Specially pictorial and video coverage of the disaster area was marvelous as compared to the national and international print and electronic media. Thanks PT.

  5. I would wholeheartedly appreciate the selfless role, especially, of Zulfiqar Ali Khan, and then, Ijlal Hussain, Farthat Ullah Baig and Ghulam Nasir, for updating our readers through Pamir Times. You have done a great job and all the credit goes to all of you.

    My role was simple and easy, including posting stuff online and writing one or two paragraphs daily. You all did the real work.

    Moreover, from learning point of view, I would like to know the reasons for which 22 % of our poll voters did not like our coverage of the disaster situation.

    Kindly share the areas of improvement as well, so that we are better placed to mend ways. You can openly write with pseudo names, if you like it that way.

    warm regards and thanks


  6. Bravo the PT team. We were not there to hear the true news and facts. As the national and regional medias were not too active to capture all the seens.It was you who worked hard day and night to faculitate its viewes the facts and happenings. Thanks for leting know the persons who are far from their home land.

  7. Good Job by PT. But PT needs to focus of three major components- A) Attaabad disaster rehabilitation B) Mitigation steps of potential threatof lake to villages up stream. C) In case the lake brusts- mitigation measures down stream is needed. Prepredness on B and C seems to be missing link!!


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