AKRSP helping disaster affected apricot growers in Gulmit

A local woman is seen drying apricots in a specially designed room at Gulmit. She is one of the 30 women employed by AKRSP’s emergency field office. 1000 kilograms of apricot have been cleaned and dried for the urban markets of Pakistan as part of the project funded by European Commission. [PT Photo


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  1. Pakistani market is less conscious about the organic produce. We need to focus far away in terms of healthy foods grown in GB.
    In Europe and America, quantity is more important than the quality, and hence, they grow vegetables in green houses as well as subsidizing agro products to meet the demand of the locals. Contrast to the impositions of taxes on the agro products of the developing countries????
    We need to be exit from the WTO in terms of economic benefits.
    WTO is a protectionist policy for the so called developped nations. Their agro subsidies are not complied with the recent global manouvering of the agro products. We need a policy of our own interest that is compatible with the facts on ground.

  2. Nice effort from AKRS,P to facilitate the people of Gojal. But what AKRS,P had thought for those people whose all propert has went under the water. Have they made any plan for them.

  3. I am glad to know that AKRSP has revisited one of its best practices of the past years. .. involving households in drying apricot. I know of Shiskat experience about apricot export to UK. That has to be learned and the need is to widen the benificary base ..encouraging potential apricot growers to learn value addition; that will compliment the family incomes. By the way do some one knows what is the total apricote quantity to be dried in Gojal/ Hunza/ GB and its monitory value?

  4. Our region has great potential regarding the growth and marketing of dried fruits.This handy natural resource has been neglected for long,nd has been at the mercy of bad weather.There is a lot of opportunity,in making apricot a major market product.Apricot is not only the king of fruits but also medicinally important. Thanks to AKRSP

  5. I was very impressed by the work being done by FOCUS which I was told is leading organization.

    I saw their work first hand and I must confess as an NGO they are doing amazing work; their community based disaster mitigation program is something that other NGOs around the world should consider replicating.

    I was told that FOCUS Chair is a female and so is their CEO. Congrats……

    keep up the excellent work

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