No threat, danger to strong, stable, powerful Pakistan: Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani on Saturday said that there is no threat to Pakistan as it is a strong, stable and powerful country.     

“There is no threat to Pakistan, no danger to Pakistan as it is a stable and strong country,” he said while talking to newsmen at the Prime Minister House.

Gilani said Pakistan is a responsible state and an important member of the international community.

Balochistan issue to be resolved by engaging all stakeholders

Replying to a question on the Balochistan issue, he said a committee has been constituted to contact political leadership of the country to convene an All Parties Conference.

Gilani said he will meet with the Governor and Chief Minister of Balochistan very soon to consult with them and to engage all stakeholders in consultations for the improvement in Balochistan.

Talking about measures taken to improve the situation in Balochistan, he said the government had already initiated the “Aghaz-e-Haqqoq-e-Balochistan” programme which is a first step to ensure the rights of the people in the province.

While admitting it as a small step, but ensured that the government was committed to ensure the basic rights and privileges to the people living in Balochistan.

“It is our responsibility as the federal government and responsibility as prime minister of the country to resolve the grievances of the people of Balochistan as they are very much committed to integrity, solidarity, progress and prosperity of the country.”

The Balochis, he said, had sacrificed for Pakistan and were as loyal to the country as those from other parts of the country.

About the resolution in the United States House of Representatives on Balochistan, he said that the the US government had made it clear that the resolution had nothing to do with its official policy.

Vote on new US policy after

Replying to a question about the joint session of the parliament to finalise the new strategy on Pak-US relations and whether to revive the NATO supply routes, the Prime Minister said it will be held after the completion of the Senate elections, scheduled for March 2.

He explained that the government decided to hold joint session of the parliament after the Senate elections to discuss the matter so that new senators could be involved in the decision making process on this key subject.

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