China gives PRCS $30,000 for Hunza disaster victims

Islamabad: The deputy ambassador of China in Pakistan, Yao Jing, Tuesday handed over a cheque for $30,000 to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) for people affected by the Hunza landslide.

Appreciating the efforts of PRCS in mitigating the sufferings of the victims, Yao Jing said that the relief and health activities of PRCS in the mountainous terrain are very commendable and assured the support of the Chinese Red Cross in this regard. Yao Jing said that the donation is a token of love from the people of China for the people of Pakistan and a commitment that China stands by their Pakistani brethren.

He said Chinese and Pakistani engineers are trying their best to clear the river passage and restore the Karakorum Highway-the only trade route between Pakistan and China, which is affecting trade and tourism between the two countries.

The secretary general of PRCS, Muhammad Ilyas Khan, thanked the deputy ambassador for the generous donation and termed the gesture as manifesting the strong brotherly ties between the two countries. Ilyas thanked the Chinese Red Cross for its support at every critical moment.

Ilyas told the deputy ambassador that over 2,100 individuals are living in PRCS camps established in schools and colleges in Karimabad, Hunza. He said the affected people are being provided food, shelter and health facilities in camps; moreover, the medical and relief teams of PRCS are supporting the people of Shiskat village through helicopters and boats.

The PRCS is also running a psychosocial support programme for victims to provide them relief from mental trauma. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of Red Cross are fully supporting PRCS in running the Hunza-Nagar landslide operation.

Source: The NEWS

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  1. As Pakistan Red Crescent Society is supporting the disaster hit area of Attaabad from the first day of disaster and also provided relief and other support and now its a good opertunity to the people of Gijal that such support from China is going to provide by PRCS to the effected people of Gojal, Baing a humanitarian assistance organization the PRCS has its own unique system to utilize the fund in better way but cooperation of the community is essential to help the PRCS team in the need assessment process. hopefully PRCS will support Gojal in better way , Best of luck PRCS

  2. How will it the fund form China will get to the people. their are many steps…………… will it or not or just part of the great game

    May it get to goood

  3. Good news! But will there left something for the people? As the CM of GB has stance that “the calamity hit area people are ‘Na Shukur’, we did a lot for them”. It means that they are not in mode to do something for the people.

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