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PML (Q) Gilgit – Baltistan no more!

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Islamabad, October 07: Top leaders of PML(Q), including Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Fida Muhammad Nashad, Attiqa Ghazanfar and Akhonzada Taqi have joined PML (Nawaz) thirty five days ahead of the GBLA 2009 Elections. Also joining the party is Shehryar Khan, son of the former chief executive of Gilgit – Baltistan. 

According to reports Ibrahim Sanai, Capt (r) Sikandar Khan and Nasrullah, former members of NALA, have also decided to join PML – N.

Marvi Memon’s efforts to keep the party intact in Gilgit – Baltistan seem to have faced a major setback ahead of the GBLA elections. Only a handful of political leaders, including the president of PML (Q), Abdul Wahid Khan, can be seen actively supporting the cause of PML (Q).

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  1. Joining or leaving political parties are not the concerns of the people of Hunza.This is called political tactic and politicians keep on doing such things from time to time..Not a serious issue i believe.

  2. Agreed with Mr. Fahim they have no interest and failed in solving the basic problems of the region they all are waiting for just an opportunity to confirm their positions in the up coming election we have experienced these kind of LOTA GIRI in the past elections.

  3. all ri8 Fahim! But as for as gazanfar and his… are concern, if they will change even thousands of partiees they will remain same. Bcoz everybody know them now who and what they are. they are not loyal with Hunza’s ppl. Now everybody is Mir, At least they should bring out their minds to the reality that there is no more any Hunza state. additionaly no politician z loyal to Hunza. We should not abuse the word “politics”, bcoz there are not any political practices are existing in Pakistan after Qaid-e-Azam. Everybody knows that pakistan has a Spritual Steering by which it is surviving.

    amino Hunzai

  4. gazanfar had canceled additonal seat of Hunza already. Now why he z participating in protest for additional seat with Hunza Action Commity?????

  5. @ Faheem Ullah Baig

    First of, you are no body to speak on behalf of the “people of Hunza”. You and I can only speak on our own behalf.

    So, don’t use generalize your personal view points and present those as collective desire of the people of Hunza.

    I completely disagree with you that the people of Hunza are not concerned with whether one remains in this party or that. It is a question of commitment, promise, honesty, integrity, passion for a cause and attachment with an ideology. If they people of Hunza don’t mind their leader’s flip-flops, it may very well imply that the people of Hunza don’t like the above traits that are so desirable and so hardly earned.

    I, on the contrary, would say that people of Hunza have the highest level of personal and communal integrity, honesty, loyalty with a cause and self respect.

    In your love of the “mirs” please don’t forget the values that compose Hunza. Mirs and Wazirs are mortal, our values are not.

  6. Why the politician use such tactics, as Faheem mentioned above, what are their motives….., why not it is serious matter?

  7. Changing parties, lust for power, seat and money!!!
    This is not a new game…..!!!
    Infront of them ” Paisa phenk tamasha dekha”!!!

  8. @haq parast
    I guess u r zardari,s or altaf hussain fallower!Be happy being their his party.u r the only hope of ray to the people of Hunza,,,,All the best

  9. well each and every one is free to think about his own intellect so if some one change a political party he can do but in political or in Urdu term he or she is called” loata”

  10. ghazaneee and his co family are loathing barrires in the way of developement.we should welcome young talent to come forward not alleged mirs to rule us.

  11. don’t worry insha allah PML(Q) will won the election.
    lote jaise party se gai hain in k saath bohat bura salook hone wala hai kaun ke la waris ka koi mustiqbal nahi.
    i love PML(Q)
    PML(Q) is my love
    i love ch shujaat hussain and marvi mamon

  12. vote for PLM Q IN GBLA 3 GILGIT


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