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Democratic Youth Movement in the offing

by Nur

A new political party is being formed by the youth of Gojal Valley, living in Karachi. Democratic Youth Movement (DYM) is name of the new regional political party. A document in circulation by the party says that it aims to bridge the political vacuum in the region by creating breeding grounds for indigenous political leaders. It aims to work on three basic agendas, namely; unity, prosperity and democracy.

dymDifferent corner meetings and group discussions are being held in different parts of the city. The movement wants to start small, with bigger dreams and motivations. In a recently held meeting a large number of youth have approved the philosophy and agenda of the party and assured the youth activists of their all out support.

A group of more than twenty young people have been convincing young people across Karachi, asking them to support and join the movement.

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  1. Its great but it also needs amother party in the practical poitics

    The name should be Gojal Democratic Party(GDP)
    Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Movement

    i mean why only youth just run for election and move in Society.
    There are many great candiates of ours,like Sher Zaman,and Amin Beg who can run for coming Election.

  2. It will be a great step towards political awareness for youths. If educated young youths are involved in this movement it will be successful, the basic point for its success and achievement of its goal are the basic agenda of this movement, It should be Education, Economic development, Unity and the right of vote in the national assembly and senate.
    This youth movement should work and create a hub or platform for other parties and youth movements from Gilgit Baltistan, so they can come together and work for the right of Gilgit baltistan.

  3. very good to say that is a mile stone to the political right and awareness of the area. But before giving the news to the entire nation that we have made DYM for you to accept.
    The first question tat will come in common mind like me is that who are the people involved in the process and what is their motive. What is their experience? Why to reject the existing set up and to support the new sun.
    In simple words , before getting into the most difficult field , where you will be facing Jeyalay of PPP, honorable of Mir party, the royal families. And rest of the community who don’t have anything with politics but just to cast their votes to those who seem to be good in talking or their relatives.
    Can we have the names of the people who are involved in this cause? Is it only in Karachi are will it take that whole area.
    In the end its not easy task, you will face immoral, unsocial, and difficulties which you have never even dreamed of, BUT it is not difficult if you have the zest and vision.
    Best of luck on the new track, to be made the road to the future.

  4. Good…. but who are these people and who will run the affairs of the party… what is the agenda and menifesto….It will need programme and leaders to inspire people

  5. Could you report little more on DYM? like who are the founders? Agenda’s and Area where DYM will work?

    Hakeem suggested two names, Sher Zaman and Amin Beg.
    who are they Hakeem?

  6. it seems good, but forfurther discussion i think more detail about the persons and the movement is required


  7. One of the key step taken to be well aware of basic agendas of our area. In the past every one just gave arguments about it that we should be aware of our rights, but there was not any practical work on that…
    Now it is practically started functioning as DYM ( Demcratic youth movement). we well know what happened in the past. And we should better know what should we have to do in the future.
    DYM is a step towards chage in this revolution.

  8. Very constructive step toward the Gojali politics …. be dedicated, effective pray for its success !

    CONSTRUCTION OF A SHIP IS ALWAYS VERY EASY. But sail it on shallow and muddy water is bit difficult.
    I’m happy enthusiastic, we all should be, but are afraid of all the previous action and organization that were even unable to see the birthday.
    Youth makes you many things create many concepts, but without experiences, to know the real world, we fail or fall. Then time and space to our thoughts are also restricted.

    I’m not against it but I’m against all the odd culture that I have seen and the entire concept that have been destroy.

    But, as part of the society it the right of every Gojali and to know what is new and who are new with the concept sublime. And duty of all the people involved in it to tell what they are with.

    Conclusion, STUDENTS are much better then, THE UNEDUCATED DRIVERS, (the present leaders)

  10. Well, it’s an important step but “UNIT “and commitment will be very important among all the students for effective results …… good luck to all !

  11. Dear friends
    indeed it was high time to fram a platform and articulate a democratic movement, I have been looking ways for such initiative, to gather the youths of the mountain zones of pakistan,it rightly happend ,i appreciate the bold step of the initiators, i express my sincere appreciations to the founders for such unique posture in this unstabilize political arena, i am myself very much convinced to be part of this movement, i do believe every youth from the region,who have been fad up of the retard,aristocartic and repressive model of politics,they will definitely join this barrier breaking movement. and lead it on the highway of development,progress and prosperity. that would be honestly a supper change in the lives of coming generations.

    I understand there is innumerable chaos and complex tests to qualify as politician or grow politically,bunchs of hardships are there to survive, particularly against Guns and ruthless as well as pathetic forces . i would wish our preference should be Butter only, i believe in politics there is voilations,turmoils,rifts and bizerri conditions,but we should be unconditional in our motif and stance, we must grow logically rather methodologically. we should unviel a face of true democratic system and root it deep in the fertile land of our country to prove its fertility widely, though it would not be an over night change, it is time consumming but “who laughs last,Laughs Longer” .we should have ethical ,professional and logical appraoch to sail out in every hostil storms or tides of sea ,to make a rich to the bank to enjoy the sun!
    i would feel blessed to be part of this movement and offer my service at any stage and time,
    so geo DYM and please friends join it for a booble change cause!
    Some cause happiness where ever they go,some when ever they go.
    Best of Luck,
    God’s Peace

  12. i m nt a regular clint of this sit,find it nice. i have gone through some extream comments ok being a student of politics and abit experience of north politic as wel as student politics and i am confident to mention here that u must have 3 things to enter into politics, wealth-approcch(taloqat)-might or even one of them. if v got dedicationand, consistency then an option is there? becous parties have been formed which non the less exsist. we should keep in mind that some thing is better then nothing. keep it up
    rehan shah

  13. it is great that the youth of gojal are showing there acceptance for the new set up (DYM) in the field of politics. but form there comments their are many Quastions of thouse youthes who are out of karachi, my requast is to the acctivests to commonicat them who have diffrient quastions.

    To run this istablisment effeicently and effactivelly it need meeting to share the ideas and to get ideas. politics is a practical job it can not practic on
    net.but it can practic with the peoples.

    jan tajik

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