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More people will be arrested in Gilgit under MPO law: Mehdi Shah

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Gilgit, February 3: Syed Mehdi Shah, CM Gilgit-Baltistan, has said that more people named for violation of the laws and spewing hatred through venomous speeches and slogans will be arrested under the 16-MPO.

He made the statement today while addressing the 25th session of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly. He also said that no agreement has been signed with the protesters.

He also negated the news that the IG had been taken hostage yesterday at Nomal. He, instead, said that the IGP had been stuck in the village due to protests. There are, however, reports that the protesters were demanding release of MWM leader Nayyar Abbas as a condition for allowing IG Usman Zakaria to leave. He was later evacuated through a helicopter. MWM has also said that they had “kept the IG as a guest, not as a hostage”.

The Chief Minister further said that the forces showed restraint yesterday because a large number of people, including children and women, were involved.

The CM also tried to wash his hands off the arrest of four leaders, the incident that sparked protest in the Nomal, saying he had only acted on the advice of the Masajid Board, a civil society organization formed to restore peace in the Gilgit city.

Other members of the assembly exchanged hot and sour words, demanding an end to violence and unrest in the region.

GBLA Speaker, Wazir Baig, said that the government needs to ensure its writ in the region. He said that terrorism in Gilgit-Baltistan is not a sectarian issue, saying the people had lived peacefully for hundreds of years, with their differences.

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  1. CM Sab! My humble suggestions in this aspect will be as follow:

    • We all know that in each society and organizations have various types of people who become the cause of defame for its institutions, society and community. The society or village develops due to its well wishers, planners, supervisors and organizers. Due to positive thinking and working of these people societies flourishes and achieve its objectives. If in a certain society or institution, systems are not in place in such situation there will be disintegration and disturbance. This disintegration and disturbances affects on the whole area and people as well. That is why rule of law is considered main pillar for good governance. Similarly transparency, accountability, Participation, Responsiveness, consensus orientation, equity, effectiveness and efficiency are main elements of good governance. It is need of hour to think to incorporate these elements in our daily routines and in systems.
    • Once there was a time when each and every person was bound to follow the code of ethics of society. Now all these good values and norms have disappeared. There is dire need to restore and reform such civil society institutions where the participation of people should be ensured. At each and every village level two types of managing bodies should exist to ensure discouraging and mentoring the problem creators and encouraging positive thinkers and doers.
    1. Government level body: Lumberdarans, SHO or his/her nominee, A.C.or his/ her nominee, members of peace committee and head of current political party of that village
    2. Civil Society level body: Heads of LDOs , CBOs , NGOs ,and other welfare organizations and heads of different parties etc.

    Combining these two bodies’ professionals a village development forum or organization or committee may be formed. Through such types of committees any body or institution can launch any development plan or programme in the village. The aim should be clear and transparent and that is improving the infrastructure of village or area.
    So far at village level such type of infrastructure is not in place if it is in documents but not functional. If any violation happens in certain areas all should be accountable whether those are govt. Officials or civil society representatives but finally prime responsibility lies with area supervisors. The Govt. body asks from civil society to help them in eradicating evils or normalizing the situation. But unfortunately some times Govt. employees calls and leads the mob in agitation. It means all employees have not make bound to avoid participate in public processions especially against the Govt.
    • Main Cause of public protest: People take this approach the easiest approach to solve their problems. Mostly Govt. officials do not take the things seriously until or unless this stage comes. As case study I have thoroughly observed it and found its consequences.
    On 2nd February 2009 I observed that 622 house holders were on the road against the food department. As head of civil society I disliked this approach and took responsibility to handle the issue and asked them to disburse. They agreed and mob cold down. We formed a committee and approached with all relevant personnels more than five or 6 times. So far these householders have lost their 10 millions rupees additionally for purchasing black wheat for survival of their families. It means instead of getting these house holders 622 sacks of 100 kg these were receiving hardly 500 bags of 40 KG. Per house hold per month. They were not getting 40 kg bag monthly. The main reason was not proper distribution as per any standard rule or system. This is still continuing. Two months ago a little bit enhancements has been made but not fully according to Govt scale. Even than one secretary told me that why did you stop them to do agitation? If this will be our approach instead of service delivery how we can solve the issues. Such types of injustice compel the public to raise their voice against oppression.

    • I really appreciate the positive approach and professionalism of IGP sab that he took the situation in perception and tolerate the things patiently and saved the area from a big mishap. We appreciate the efforts of locals, elites and organizations who play their role in normalizing the situation. If our any chief guardian or even common man hurts it means that we all 1.24 millions GBIANS hurted. Govt. as well as civil societies needs to develop strategies to avoid or reduce such types of misshapennings.

    At last I suggest to CM sab and his team to call all those individuals by who have to arrest and arrange for their counseling and guidance and took undertaking by them to shun such activities which becomes the cause of disintegration and hate ness in the community and in GB or at country level.
    You are interested in changing their behavior and your ultimate objective is improvement. Once, twice or thrice you or your designated body gives feed back and in spite of that they do not give up their bad habits and do not change their behaviour than they deserve to any type of admonishing.

    It is hoped our top management and leadership do ponder over these comments in the larger interest of community of GB.

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