BANE OF HUMANITY – US Marines who sported themselves by hunting Afghani civilians

That the 12 captured members of a “kill-team”, comprising US Soldiers in Afghanistan, are on trial, facing death penalty or life-in-prison, is most likely going to be of little help for the recent American “damage-control” efforts, in wake of harrowoing revelations made by Der Spiegel.

The crime is heinous and unthinkable, because the criminals are soldiers of a country that claims to have the “moral superiority” and “history of civilization” to establish a world-order and preach humanism.

The Abu-Gharib abuse was being rejected as a one-off incident, but the recent revelations made by Der Spiegel, a renowned German newsmagazine, hint that the murderous instincts are far deeper.

While the world, rightly, loathed and lambasted the Taliban for slaughthering “American spies” and captured soldiers of the Pakistani Army in Swat and Waziristan areas , it seems that people just like them, in better outfits and in possession of advanced weaponary, were doing the same on other side of the border; killing people for sport and taking photographs or making movies, for entertaining “friends and families” back in the United States of America.

That these better organized and heartless mercenaries could not be exposed earlier is because of the slogans of “saving the Afghan women” and “empancipating the oppressed”, drummed by the US media.

No more.

Der Spiegel has dug out around “4,000” images and videos, as reported by the Guardian, in which the “kill-team” has recorded its inhumane “sporting spree”, involving shooting people, cutting parts off corpses and posing with the “kill”.

Al-Jazeera reports that the damages could be more than those inflicted by the Abu-Gharib shame, because the “images are more graphic and cruel”.

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