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Decision to appoint woman as GB governor hailed

GILGIT, Dec 29: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) women wing Gilgit-Baltistan chapter has welcomed the decision to appoint a lady governor in the region, saying that those who oppose it were unaware of history.

“We should not forget the golden era of Malika Jawar Khatoon who ruled Gilgit-Baltistan with sagacity and dignity centuries ago. She proved the best reformer and worked for the betterment of the poor by developing agriculture, trade, unity and internal security,” said Sadia Danish, PPP women wing president and members Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

Speaking during a gathering in connection with the second death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, she said that in the past there was no cultural taboo on women to work along with men.

“In the past, women took part in wars against Islam but it is strange that in the 21st century, some elements are ignoring the basic human rights of women given 14 centuries ago,” she added.

Workers of the PPP followed Ms Bhutto’s democratic guidelines and they fully support the decision of the President of Pakistan to appoint a lady governor Gilgit-Baltistan, she said.

She condemned the “hostility of a handful people having vested interests” who opposed the decision. She said that the high command of the PPP always prioritised loyalty, merit and sacrifices of workers and considered them for certain portfolios and “this historical decision of eliminating gender discrimination in Gilgit-Baltistan would remain an incredible chapter in the history of human rights”.

A large number of PPP workers and office-bearers participated in the gathering. Speakers paid tribute to the late prime minister and party chief on the occasion. They paid homage to the Bhutto family for their sacrifices to Pakistan. [DAWN]

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  1. The decision to appoint women Governor for G-B will be welcomed by all progressive and liberal people except those who want to grind their own axes. Gender equality will enhance our image abroad and also provide opportunity to half our population to play their role in the socio-economic development of G-B. I think women Governor will be fantastic. However, she must be appointed on purely merit basis irrespectiv of regional and sectarian divide. As a matter of fact,we should avoid these divisive tendencies,otherwise, people will be identifying themselves with these negative tendencies instead of being mobilized on issues.
    What to speak of the historical figure of Malika Jawari,who was a princess herself; in the modern time we have dozens of commoner ladies who are well educated and experienced in political issues to handle the governor’s job properly. I don’t want to mention names of such ladies as some people get angry if their candidate is not mentioned. They are all capable and in the interest of G-B any one of them should be made governor.

  2. Allah Bless our president Who Ended male Chavanism in GB,The Governor GB will be first Female Governor of Pakistan

  3. Great News Indeed.

    But how the PPP gvernememnt is going to ensure that the WOMEN GOVERNER is the ones who, besides being an eloquent person speaking in a fashioned manner to media, civil societies and donors, is also completely recognizant of womens’ rights and felt needs pertaining to their health, education, empowerment and above inclusion in decision making????

    We have huge number of sisters from Northern Areas who have excelled in academic as well as professional stints. We have many who love to preserve their dignity and honor while working in an utterly westerinized millieu interior. My hats off to all such sisters from north and I am eagre to see one of these sisters to fill the slot rather than the wife, cousin, mother or any feeble relative of a PPP Jiyala to nestle on Governer’s seat.

  4. The comments of Dr.Aurang Zeib at No.3 are highly appreciable and the Government should follow his suggestion while appointing Governor. But I am afraid the slot will also be filled in by relative, friend and crony of the party in power as has been done in the case of women’s reserve seats, technocrats and now is being done with respect to six seats of Council members.
    A governor in the advanced countries is elected by popular votes. Gilgit-Baltistan is not yet constitutionally part of Pakistan. Ideally, the governor should be elected directly by the popular vote instead of representing the Federation.

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